Anything’s possible: landmark storage unit finds

May 24, 2014

One of the reasons that TV shows like Storage Wars are so popular is the fact that you never know what’s going to be in a storage room or unit when you open it up – it could be anything from old newspapers to a vintage car that’s been there for fifty years because someone put it there and completely forgot about it.

Every once in a while, there’s a unit discovered whose contents make headlines around the world. For instance, Burt Reynolds kept a storage unit for years until he stopped paying for it and its contents were auctioned off. It turned out Reynolds was quite the hoarder – the unit contained the canoe from Deliverance, a bill of sale for Roy Rogers’s horse, Trigger, personalised notes from the likes of Steve McQueen, Elizabeth Taylor and Cary Grant, an Emmy Award and a horse carriage built for him by Dolly Parton. Those items now form the centrepiece of a fan-run Burt Reynolds Museum in Jupiter, Florida. It takes all sorts…

Another buyer took control of a vault that turned out to have over 250 original, unreleased Michael Jackson recordings in it, while a man in San Jose, California discovered a literal treasure trove in the form of a plastic tub filled with Spanish silver coins, gold doubloons and gold and silver ingots that was valued at over $500,000. Not a bad profit considering the unit only costs just over a grand!

An unusual benefactor of the storage unit auction system was Nicolas Cage, whose extremely rare comic (it featured the first-ever appearance of Superman and was worth over a million dollars) was stolen from his home in 2000, but turned up in a storage unit auction in 2011, still in mint condition. He eventually sold it anyway to fund his bankruptcy struggles and it fetched $2.5 million.

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