April showers leave time for home de-clutter

April 30, 2012

Despite there currently being a hosepipe ban in place over much of the South East of England, the April showers seem to have truly arrived in style over the last few weeks? Just when everyone was looking forward to getting out into the garden to plant flowers; light the BBQ, and have a good clear out and tidy up, the country has been hit by torrential rain, tornados and high winds – although to fair, we shouldn’t moan, we do need the rain. It seems only a few weeks ago that Lok’nStore was inundated with customers wanting to store hoses, lawn sprinklers, and gardening equipment due to the ban and water shortage. All is not lost though, because this bad weather could be a fantastic opportunity to clear out your garage or shed, whilst still staying reasonably dry.

  • Those bicycles that you haven’t used since last summer, that are chucked on their sides on the floor, just waiting to trip mum or dad up (where the kids left them), could be hung up on the wall. All the major home improvement stores sell special brackets that enable you to easily store away a bicycle, safely and securely.
  • The same goes for ladders, which take up huge amounts of space but are only needed occasionally round the home. There are a number of wall fixings available that will hold a ladder safely, and securely on a wall, whether in the garage or on a wall out around the side or back of your property.
  • Remember those expensive golf clubs that you said you ‘just had to own’? The ones in that fancy golf bag; slung into the corner of your garage. These can be neatly stored away in a golf storage rack in your garage, or maybe even put into self storage.
  • That day-glow ski equipment that you used in Klosters last month, isn’t going to be seeing the light of day for a while now. Why not put the skis/snowboard / pink ski suit into a small 25 sqft self-storage unit at your local Lok’nStore for a very small cost. They will be kept safe, and out of way over the summer until you need them again.
  • Garages and sheds seem to acquire all sorts of general clutter. Have a look at what you have and be ruthless. If you think you’ll use the item again in the future, box it up and pop it onto a shelf; up into the loft, or put it into a small storage unit at Lok’nStore. But should you look, with great regret at the ‘Abs and Tummy Flexer’ – that has a large spiders web built onto it – and think ‘I’m never going there again,’ then drop it off at your local charity shop or maybe even your local council dump!

De-cluttering your garden shed or garage is easy, even during periods of bad weather. With just a little (ruthless) effort, you could even create enough space in your garage to fit the car back inside! De-cluttering is a great way of tidying up your home (plus your mind), and generally giving yourself more space.

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