Archiving and Its Role in Keeping the Office Tidy

Have you heard the idea that a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind? Apparently this is true, so if you expand that to a cluttered office instead, well… you can imagine how cluttered your mind would feel. Where is everything? Where’s that piece of paperwork you had to file? What about that order that came in – where did that go?

In short you spend so much time trying to find things, you can easily get frustrated and get less work done as a result. Fast forward a few years when you have a few more years’ worth of paperwork on top of the horrors mentioned above… you get the idea.

That’s why archiving is such a good idea. It keeps all the old paperwork well-organised and yet still easy to access, just in case you should ever need to lay your hands on it. Furthermore you don’t even have to keep archived stuff in the office anymore. Thanks to the rise and rise of self-storage you’ve now got a practical and cheap solution to finding somewhere to put it all. After all it’s still easy to lay your hands on it all if you need it, and yet you don’t need that much space to keep it all in.

So let’s assume you decide to go for the archiving in self-storage solution. What would your office space look like now? The chances are it would be leaner, meaner and a lot tidier than before. You’d have more space. With everything neatly archived or filed away, you’d have more desk space and the whole room would seem more relaxing. In fact you might find that once you get rid of the clutter, your mind will feel a lot clearer too. Why not try it and see how it works for you?


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