Are You Redecorating? Where Does Everything Go?

If you’ve ever redecorated even the most basic room you’ll know how challenging it can be to find space for everything. You have to clear out the room you’re decorating in otherwise you run the risk of getting paint, dust and dirt all over your possessions. It’s fine to move things into other rooms but then you’ve got more than just a single room out of commission during the process. You could have as many as three or four rooms out of use, depending on how much stuff you have to move. Suddenly your simple redecoration project turns into something of a nightmare.

In this situation it can be so much easier to get stuff out of the house for a while so you can redecorate more easily. You may not want to move everything but it would certainly be better to have a lot more room to work in when you’re decorating. You’ve probably been in a situation before where you end up shuffling things around time and time again as you move around the room. How many times have you ended up touching wet paint when you did so? How many times did you almost damage a piece of furniture or curse at the fact you had so little room to move in?

Just imagine how much easier it would be to clear out the room to be decorated completely before you start. You’d have the whole room to manage paint pots, ladders, dust sheets – in fact you may not need the dust sheets at all, not if you’re doing the floor as well. Wouldn’t that make life so much easier? You can get on with decorating and still have all the other rooms to use as well, without tripping over paint pots every five minutes. Ah, sounds like bliss.


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