Be Careful Which Boxes You Choose

If you’re going to store things you need boxes and crates to store them in. Sounds simple doesn’t it? And in truth it is if you buy your boxes from us, or you have strong and good quality ones you can rely on already.


However some people do like to recycle anything they can, even if it’s not really suitable for the task. For example open-top cardboard crates might seem like a good idea but they’re not the best. The contents aren’t protected from the elements and if you fumble with the box and drop it, everything will fall out. If you’re going to leave it in storage for any length of time you can end up with a lot of dust in there too.

Other boxes that should be avoided are round ones. Yes they may look lovely in lots of pretty colours and they may even be complete with lids. But if they’re round they’re going to take up a lot of space on the shelves and leave you with gaps you can’t do anything with. So unless you have lots of space in your storage area to play with, they’re best left alone.

Older boxes aren’t as strong as newer ones either. That’s why we sell new ones and not old ones. The older they get and the more they’re handled the less stable they become. You know how cardboard gets when it has been squashed, sat on, folded one too many times and so on. Well you’d hardly want to pop your prized possessions into one of those boxes to entrust it with their safety, would you?


As you can see not all cardboard boxes are equal. They may not even all be created that way. So choose wisely when you’re packing up your prized belongings.


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