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December 19, 2011

So…you have found a nice new house or flat, and are all ready to get in there as soon as possible, but you can’t quite move in yet and need to store your belongings for a few weeks. What can you do? Your Uncle Jeff has offered you the use of his leaky garage for a couple of weeks, but do you really want to leave your valuable belongings and furniture in such a damp, non-secure place; even if it is free? Can a Lok’nStore self-storage facility help bridge the gap between your old – and new home?

Important questions for you to ask might be:

How long does my storage contract have to be?

You can store your household things at Lok’nStore for as long as you need, as there are no contracts or fixed dates. You can book a storage unit for one week, month, year or forever – it’s up to you! Lok’nStore does ask clients to give just 7-days notice that they are moving out beforehand, and this is easy to do. As far as moving into your storage space is concerned, in most cases, you can come at any time during centre opening hours. If you plan to arrive at your self-storage facility outside usual working hours: we can do that for you too (just ask at your Lok’nStore). You can also book and reserve self-storage online, out of hours, with Lok’nStore.

How much storage space will I need? At Lok’nStore, our staff are self-storage specialists, who can estimate the size needed for your belongings, so that they fit into one single storage unit. Should you book a self-storage unit yourself, and later find that it can’t keep all your things, you can ask staff to change a larger or smaller storage unit. Such a change is made for free, and you’ll just pay the usual storage unit price. Also, as time goes on, you might want to store more or fewer things. In this case, Lok’nStore will allow you to increase or decrease your storage space.

Is my stuff going to be safe if I leave it with you?

When using a Lok’nStore self-storage unit or centre, you can be sure that no unauthorised people can access your self-storage. ‘You’ have the only key to your storage unit, and even storage company staff can’t open the unit without you. When you visit your storage unit you will need to sign in at reception. Storage companies ask clients to do this for security reasons. You can come at any time during normal centre opening hours, as access is free and unlimited for customers.

OK… this all sounds good: how do I reserve a storage unit or room?

It’s easy! Just reserve or book your storage unit online now or call us on 0800 587 332

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