Book storage ideas

June 24, 2011

We love this book storage idea and could see ourselves sitting in the chair, reading our favourite books on a rainy afternoon – even though we’re not sure that it makes the most of the living space in this room.

Displaying books, CDs, and photos this way round (cover out) isn’t new and we have reported on this in the Lok’nStore Blog many times before. If you have the space available in your home, it’s a very cool looking way of keeping your stuff on show, but I doubt very much that most of us have this much spare room!

As houses and flats seem to get smaller and smaller, displaying your belongings this way may become (or already be) something of a luxury.

We’ve had a good look back through the LoknBlog to see which other book storage ideas we’ve reported on, and think that this one by Console Shelves may be our favourite.

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