Boxes & Bubblewrap Summer Price Drop

Someone once said that nothing ever goes down in price… Except at Lok’nStore were we have put down the prices of all of the packaging materials in our stores!

From the 1st June 2016 every single item in our Box Shop has dropped in price, meaning you can save even more money with Lok’nstore.  For those moving house our new lower prices will see you saving big money, especially if you use our Click & Collect service via the Lok’nStore website.  Our lowest priced box is the Small Cardboard Box which is now just £1.80 each if you reserve online. Even if you don’t use Click & Collect you are still able to pick up 5 of these boxes for a tenner!  A 10 metre roll of bubblewrap is now £ 5.40 if you use C&C or just £6.00 in store.  These price reductions also include mattress, sofa and armchair covers which now start from just £3.15

But don’t worry if you aren’t moving in the next few months – we intend running this deal for the whole summer so you have plenty of time to plan how many boxes you need before buying them.

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