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Enjoying a Hobby in a Self-Storage Space

Most of us have hobbies of one kind or another. Yet some take up more space than others.

For example some people decide to collect classic toys. These have to be kept in pristine condition and ideally in their original packaging. This means if you have more than three or four of them you’ll end up struggling to find room to store them all. You’ve probably seen news stories about ardent collectors of all kinds of things over the years. Normally they’re pictured in what was their spare bedroom, standing among piles of whatever they collect, surrounded by shelves from the floor to the ceiling.

It’s no wonder then that some people opt to keep their ever-expanding collection in a storage space instead of at home. This is particularly true if they have an expanding family too and need the space. It does make a lot of sense and it ensures the entire collection is kept in pristine condition too. This applies to all kinds of collectable items. You can always keep your favourite pieces at home if you want to hang onto some of them, maybe rotating your stock from time to time to give you something fresh to look at.

This works for all kinds of collectables too. All you need to do is to make sure they’re kept off the floor and are safely stored in boxes or in other things that will keep them safe. For instance in the case of classic comics you can put each one in a sealed plastic bag designed to keep it safe.

So if you’re looking at a collection of items that form part of a collectable hobby, think about making the most of that collection and storing it in a self-storage space now. You may just be glad you did.


Seasonal Storage and Its Many Benefits

Do you ever feel as though self-storage is a great idea, yet you wouldn’t use it all the time?

You’re not alone. More people are discovering the advantages of opting for seasonal storage. Once you start thinking about it and discovering why you’d use this yourself, you’ll see why this is the case.

Let’s say for example you have a spare room. This spare room happens to be filled with all kinds of things – boxes, spare clothes, a fold-up bed perhaps, and much more besides. In fact it’s not really spare at all – instead it’s packed with all kinds of things you don’t have room for anywhere else.

That’s all well and good but what about the plans you have for Christmas when you’ve got relatives staying? Unless you’re happy to put them up on a sofa bed downstairs (assuming you even have one) you’ll be wondering how on earth you can turn that spare room into a superb place for them to stay.

Here’s the answer – self-storage. Instead of trying to cram all that clutter under the bed, into the wardrobes, out in the garage and even in the shed, it’s a lot easier to opt for the simple solution of self-storage instead. Since there is no limit on the amount of time you can rent some space for, you can get everything out of your spare room and into storage early in December. This still gives you plenty of time to get the room ready for your guests before they arrive for the festive season.

Even if you’re not planning on having anyone to stay, we all know how late get-togethers with friends and family can go. Would you be able to offer an impromptu bed for the night if needed – or would you be cringing at the thought of what you’re hiding in your spare room if they asked to stay at the last minute?

You can see why opting for seasonal storage makes a lot of sense at this time of the year. In fact, the more you think about it the more sense it makes. So why not get some seasonal storage today to tide you over for the festive season? If it ends up giving you a whole room back it could even turn into something you do all the time. Now that would be even better, wouldn’t it?


Running a Business from a Spare Room – It’s So Yesterday!

Remember when we first started hearing about people running businesses from kitchen tables and spare rooms? It still goes on, but there comes a time when the spare bedroom or boxroom (so-called because of its tiny size) just isn’t big enough anymore.

This used to be a real issue. It meant scouring the neighbourhood for a small office space or lock-up you could use instead. Hardly the most appealing of solutions – and quite often it would mean investing a lot more cash in the new space, all of which would eat into your profits.

So don’t be too surprised if on the way to your self-storage space you wander past some other spaces that are used for small businesses. At this time of the year you’ll probably end up walking past people packing up Santa hats, toys and who knows what else, before sending out dozens if not hundreds of parcels every day to customers around the country (and indeed the world).

Welcome to the world of the 21st century flexible business – run from a self-storage space that can increase or decrease in size as and when required. Who knew there could be such an easy solution as this? While no one knows quite how many of these businesses are around, we do know there are more storage spaces rented out to small businesses than ever before. Will this trend continue? Maybe – and while rents in the high street and other similar places remain so high, it makes sense to rent out spaces like this instead.

We’re proud of the flexibility we can offer our customers, regardless of whether you’re storing old musty books or new items to be sent out to customers. Whatever the case may be, it’s quite a flexible solution, wouldn’t you say?

Archiving and Its Role in Keeping the Office Tidy

Have you heard the idea that a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind? Apparently this is true, so if you expand that to a cluttered office instead, well… you can imagine how cluttered your mind would feel. Where is everything? Where’s that piece of paperwork you had to file? What about that order that came in – where did that go?

In short you spend so much time trying to find things, you can easily get frustrated and get less work done as a result. Fast forward a few years when you have a few more years’ worth of paperwork on top of the horrors mentioned above… you get the idea.

That’s why archiving is such a good idea. It keeps all the old paperwork well-organised and yet still easy to access, just in case you should ever need to lay your hands on it. Furthermore you don’t even have to keep archived stuff in the office anymore. Thanks to the rise and rise of self-storage you’ve now got a practical and cheap solution to finding somewhere to put it all. After all it’s still easy to lay your hands on it all if you need it, and yet you don’t need that much space to keep it all in.

So let’s assume you decide to go for the archiving in self-storage solution. What would your office space look like now? The chances are it would be leaner, meaner and a lot tidier than before. You’d have more space. With everything neatly archived or filed away, you’d have more desk space and the whole room would seem more relaxing. In fact you might find that once you get rid of the clutter, your mind will feel a lot clearer too. Why not try it and see how it works for you?


Storing Paperwork in a Self-Storage Unit

Surely one of the most frustrating things about running your own business is the amount of paperwork involved. Even in these days of computers you are still likely to have receipts and other books and paperwork that you need to keep. And as you will know, you need to keep everything for seven years in case HMRC decides to ask to see anything at any point (though hopefully they never will).

This can be a real pain because paperwork tends to mount up quickly and old paperwork can really get in the way. Maybe that’s why some businesses decide to make good use of a self-storage unit to store away all that paperwork. After all you probably won’t need it for the duration of those seven years but you still need to have it close at hand just in case. As such, you don’t want to try cramming lots of paperwork into your office space when you have many other far more important things you should be storing there instead.

That’s why it makes sense to rent a storage space big enough to store that paperwork logically. Each year when you’ve done your tax return and you’ve finished with that year’s paperwork, you can take it along to your storage space and store it there. At the same time you can remove the oldest lot of paperwork that is now beyond seven years old and take it away to dispose of safely, so you shouldn’t need to keep on increasing the amount of space you rent because you will only ever need enough to keep those seven years’ worth of paperwork…just in case.

It certainly makes for a less cluttered office (especially if you’re working out of the same storage unit) and you could actually find you get more work done as a result. Why not try it and see?

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Storage for one box? We can help you

Saracen May 2010-286
Storage for one box - Saracen

Storage for one box at Saracen

Lots of people have been asking us recently about what Lok’nStore can do for them if they only have one or two boxes to put into storage.  After all, not everyone needs enough storage space for a house or flat at our facilities.  For example some customers will have important paperwork that they want to store away safely that may only fill one cardboard box.  It could be private documents, house deeds or just photographs and paperwork that that you want to keep, but out harms way.  If you run a small business from your home-office for instance, you may need to store just one or two boxes of legal paperwork that needs to be kept by law (Vat paperwork needs to be kept for seven years).  These examples might not be enough to make it worthwhile renting a small storage unit or room from us, but we still have a solution for your problem.

The “1 Box Storage Solution”

SaracenDataStore are part of the Lok’nStore Group, specialising in the storage of archives and documents for businesses and they can help you solve this storage problem.  Saracen is better known for the safe storage of business archives for customers, some of whom store thousands of archive boxes at their facilities.  Using O’Neil RSSQL Software, (as used by most of the world’s top record management companies) SaracenDataStore track the location of every single one of its customer’s boxes within its facility using barcode technology. Saracen has been offering a “one box storage” solution for many years and has successfully helped hundreds of householders to safely store a couple of cardboard boxes.

How much will it cost to store 1 box?

To store one box with Saracen will cost a customer just £1 per month!  You can store your one box for as long as you like, or just for a month – it’s up to you.  In addition to this low cost service Saracen will also supply you with the cardboard box and collect your box and contents from you nearest Lok’nStore for you: both for free!  When you require your box and its contents back Saracen will drop it back to your nearest Lok’nStore centre for your easy next day collection for just a small fee of £10.

For  more information or to book this service please call Saracen on 0808 256 4599 or email them at:


Lok’nStore Archives

Lok’nStore Archives will put you in control of your company records


Efficiently, Effectively & Safely


Free Boxes

Free Racking

Free Collection


Reclaim Valuable Office Space

from boxes of paperwork & walls of filing cabinets


Improve Business Efficiency

by storing all your archives & business records in one highly secure location – never lose track of a document or file again


Control & Save Business Costs

with just one easy monthly storage charge – no service costs, set up fees and no long term contracts         



Lok’nStore Self Service Archives offer secure private document storage rooms            

• The perfect low cost solution

• Fully racked – in any size unit – for 10 or 10,000 boxes

• Highly secure – you are the only key-holder

• Over 20 locations

• Open seven days a week with a team of friendly on site staff to help you


Lok’nStore is a listed company with 15 years experience in the storage business.  All our buildings have 24 hour security, CCTV and are staffed by helpful & friendly staff



Retaining and managing business data in a correct manner is often a legal matter to meet statutory legal requirements



Business sensitive documents, financial records or personal data must be kept secure and confidential



Centralised & consolidated record management is efficient & timely with one central database making it easier to identify & access your documents         



Companies need a Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery Plan – many insurers now insist upon it. Businesses need to hold certain business-critical documents & data away from the office – at a secure location


Common Sense

Secure, off-site and well organised archive management just makes good business sense


Why Lok’nStore?

Over 600 organisations from both the private and public sectors use Lok’nStore Self Service Archives

• Save Office Space Costs – Lok’nStore customers can save £1000’s a year by replacing costly office space

• Free up Office Space – Accommodate more staff and improve your working environment

• Low Cost Solution – You are in control of the costs of storing your documents

• No set up costs at Lok’nStore

• Self Service – We will give you our easy archive management system so you are in control of how & when you retrieve records

• Your Secure Space – Your records are private and under your control.  Dry, clean and secure

• Flexible – Take more or less space or move in or out with only seven days notice    


Don’t wait

You know it makes sense, so why wait? Start to get your document & record management organised today!



Free Lok’nStore Self Service Archives


To help you to manage your records efficiently and keep costs to a minimum

• A digital version (or printout if you prefer) of The Lok’nStore Self Service Archives system, including:

• Listing sheets for all your archive box contents – one copy for the box and one for your records

• A best practice guide to cataloguing archives

• A Guide to Retention Schedules for all types of business records

• How to create retention schedules & destruction dates – so that you can keep your storage to a minimum

• PLUS Special offers on our archive storage boxes


Special Offers


We will rack your unit to your specification.  You may want to bring in your existing filing cabinets in combination with racking


FREE BOXES – delivered!

If you pay 12 months in advance, we will supply you with enough boxes for all your archives. And we’ll deliver these to you free of charge



We will collect all your archive boxes if you rent a 125 sq. ft. unit or over (equivalent to about 500 boxes) when you move your archiving into Lok’nStore

Contact Lok’nStore Today!

Central Enquiries 0800 857 3322

PS – At Lok’nStore you can rent units to store excess office furniture, stationery, stock or seasonal materials that are cluttering up your office – or pretty much anything else that you need to store


Lok’nStore Archive Self Storage

Lok’nStore Archive Self Storage can improve the management and confidentiality of your business records by storing all your archives in one highly secure location – never lose track of a document or file again.


Lok’nStore Archive Self Storage puts you back in control.


Reclaim valuable office space from boxes of paperwork and walls of filing cabinets.


Control your archive costs with just one single monthly storage charge, no service costs and no long term contracts. Lok’nStore Archive Self Storage offer individual document storage rooms.  They come fully racked and are highly secure, with you being the only key-holder. They come in all sizes, whether you have 10 or 10,000 boxes there is an archive to match your requirements.  Lok’nStore Archives are available at over 20 locations in south east England. Retaining and managing business data in a correct manner is not only a legal requirement it also just makes good business sense.   Lok’nStore Archive Self Storage can provide you with the perfect low cost solution. Over 600 organisations, from both the private and public sector, use Lok’nStore Archive Self Storage.


Confidentiality and Legal Compliance

Organisations create many records that need to be retained.  Whether they are confidential business sensitive documents or financial records being kept to meet statutory legal requirements, Lok’nStore Archives can provide the ideal storage solution. 


Centralising your Records Storage

With a Lok’nStore Archive Self Storage, you can centralise and consolidate your records storage.  Create one central database for all your records, making it easier to identify and access your documents.  Create retention schedules and destruction dates in order to keep your storage costs to a minimum.


Business Continuity

It is vital that every company has a Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery Plan – many insurers now insist upon it. All businesses need to hold copies of certain business critical documents and data, away from the office and at a secure location. Lok’nStore Archive Self Storage can provide your organisation with the perfect off-site storage location.  It Just Makes Sense

Rather than take on more expensive office space our customers use their local Loknstore to house their business archives. By relocating documents and filing cabinets to your local Loknstore you can free up office space to accommodate more staff or just improve your working environment.  Loknstore customers can save £1000s a year by replacing costly office space with Lok’nStore Archive Self Storage. 


Lok’nStore doesn’t only store business records. At Lok’nStore you can rent units to store excess office furniture, stationery that is cluttering up your office, or pretty much anything else that businesses and organisations need to store. 


Lok’nStore is a listed company with 15 years experience in the storage business.  All our buildings have 24 hour security, CCTV and are staffed by helpful and friendly staff.  Call Lok’nStore on 0800 587


Archive Storage