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Boxes & Bubblewrap Summer Price Drop

Someone once said that nothing ever goes down in price… Except at Lok’nStore were we have put down the prices of all of the packaging materials in our stores!

From the 1st June 2016 every single item in our Box Shop has dropped in price, meaning you can save even more money with Lok’nstore.  For those moving house our new lower prices will see you saving big money, especially if you use our Click & Collect service via the Lok’nStore website.  Our lowest priced box is the Small Cardboard Box which is now just £1.80 each if you reserve online. Even if you don’t use Click & Collect you are still able to pick up 5 of these boxes for a tenner!  A 10 metre roll of bubblewrap is now £ 5.40 if you use C&C or just £6.00 in store.  These price reductions also include mattress, sofa and armchair covers which now start from just £3.15

But don’t worry if you aren’t moving in the next few months – we intend running this deal for the whole summer so you have plenty of time to plan how many boxes you need before buying them.

Are You Redecorating? Where Does Everything Go?

If you’ve ever redecorated even the most basic room you’ll know how challenging it can be to find space for everything. You have to clear out the room you’re decorating in otherwise you run the risk of getting paint, dust and dirt all over your possessions. It’s fine to move things into other rooms but then you’ve got more than just a single room out of commission during the process. You could have as many as three or four rooms out of use, depending on how much stuff you have to move. Suddenly your simple redecoration project turns into something of a nightmare.

In this situation it can be so much easier to get stuff out of the house for a while so you can redecorate more easily. You may not want to move everything but it would certainly be better to have a lot more room to work in when you’re decorating. You’ve probably been in a situation before where you end up shuffling things around time and time again as you move around the room. How many times have you ended up touching wet paint when you did so? How many times did you almost damage a piece of furniture or curse at the fact you had so little room to move in?

Just imagine how much easier it would be to clear out the room to be decorated completely before you start. You’d have the whole room to manage paint pots, ladders, dust sheets – in fact you may not need the dust sheets at all, not if you’re doing the floor as well. Wouldn’t that make life so much easier? You can get on with decorating and still have all the other rooms to use as well, without tripping over paint pots every five minutes. Ah, sounds like bliss.


De-cluttering Could Lead to Lost Treasures


Ah the joy of de-cluttering. It’s one of those jobs few of us ever look forward to, and yet when we get started it has a strangely enjoyable feel. It doesn’t matter whether you’re clearing out the spare room, the attic or even your self-storage space, the process can actually be quite cathartic once you get started.

And you never know quite what will turn up either. The longer it has been since you cleared out said-space, wherever that might be, the better the odds are that you’ll find an object that might actually be worth something. So if you have a clear-out pending, keep this in mind.

You’d be surprised what might be worth money too. Take old VHS videotapes for example. Now we’d be the first people to admit that most of these aren’t going to be worth anything at all. But… before you throw out anything that appears to be a little unusual or less popular in any way, take a look on eBay to see what it might bring. There are some videos that aren’t ten-a-penny, like Titanic for example. Some are very rare indeed and some collectors would pay a small fortune to get hold of them.

We’ve all heard stories of people coming across things they almost threw away, only to make a mint later on at auction when they discovered the value of what they had. Remember, it’s not how much something is worth to you, it’s how much it might be worth to someone else that matters.


You just never know what you might find when you start that clear-out. So if you are putting off the idea of de-cluttering whatever room is earmarked for the task, maybe the thought of finding potential treasure will help you get things moving.


Be Careful Which Boxes You Choose

If you’re going to store things you need boxes and crates to store them in. Sounds simple doesn’t it? And in truth it is if you buy your boxes from us, or you have strong and good quality ones you can rely on already.


However some people do like to recycle anything they can, even if it’s not really suitable for the task. For example open-top cardboard crates might seem like a good idea but they’re not the best. The contents aren’t protected from the elements and if you fumble with the box and drop it, everything will fall out. If you’re going to leave it in storage for any length of time you can end up with a lot of dust in there too.

Other boxes that should be avoided are round ones. Yes they may look lovely in lots of pretty colours and they may even be complete with lids. But if they’re round they’re going to take up a lot of space on the shelves and leave you with gaps you can’t do anything with. So unless you have lots of space in your storage area to play with, they’re best left alone.

Older boxes aren’t as strong as newer ones either. That’s why we sell new ones and not old ones. The older they get and the more they’re handled the less stable they become. You know how cardboard gets when it has been squashed, sat on, folded one too many times and so on. Well you’d hardly want to pop your prized possessions into one of those boxes to entrust it with their safety, would you?


As you can see not all cardboard boxes are equal. They may not even all be created that way. So choose wisely when you’re packing up your prized belongings.


Would You Forget What You’ve Got in Storage?

Let’s suppose you pack up eight boxes of assorted items and rent a storage unit from us here at Lok ‘nStore. Once they are safely stored away how long do you think it would be before you opened them again?

You’d think it would be impossible to forget what you had in storage. Yet in truth this is actually very easy to do. It all depends what you have stored away though. For instance if you have every single piece of memorabilia celebrating Star Wars that has ever been released, well, you’ll know what you’ve got stored right there. Similarly if you use your storage space to store your entire paperback book collection you’ll know what is there.

But if those boxes hold a myriad of different things, all from different rooms and points in time, how would you ever remember what was there? Unless you kept a list or packed them so carefully the contents weren’t mixed and every box was clearly labelled, you wouldn’t stand a chance.

Some people also leave their storage spaces untouched for long periods of time. Then one weekend they decide to go back and see what is there, just to work out what they could possibly have there. And that’s when the reminiscing usually starts. This is great fun especially if you have someone else with you helping out. Who knows what you could find in boxes you packed away months if not years ago? There could be all kinds of surprises there that would be worth looking at.

So if you think you would never forget what you had in storage, think again. You could actually lose track of stuff very quickly indeed if you don’t come back to collect things on a regular basis.

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Labelling: The Solution to Smart and Organised Storage

Do you ever come across boxes at home and wonder what on earth is in them? It’s not too problematic if you only have a box or two like it but if you happen to own lots of them it can soon get frustrating. No one wants to search through dozens of boxes that all look the same, all the while searching for one thing that could be in any one of them.

This is where labelling comes in handy. Ideally you want to use a marker pen that won’t run or fade over time, as your boxes might remain in storage for months or even years. It is one thing to put in the effort to label everything properly and quite another to come back later and realise you chose the wrong pen to label all those boxes with!

Of course your job will be made easier if you can pack everything neatly and logically in the first place. A mixed box of books, clothing and assorted other items is either going to have the longest label in the world that won’t fit on the box, or that wonderful catch-all term “assorted” on it. Neither will be that useful when you return to that particular box in future.

As you can see it makes sense to take a little time organising the contents of your boxes before you add labels to them. Try and be logical in this – if you have boxes in storage with contents from different rooms in your home, keep those items together. Have one box for kitchen utensils for example, and another for books.

The trick here is to remember to use as few words as possible to describe the contents of each box. Fewer words means more space to write in and that means you can write larger and see the contents from further away. A quick glance at a stack of even a dozen boxes can reveal their contents quite easily.

Try it the next time you sort out your storage space. Even better, if you are about to rent some space, make sure you get your belongings properly boxed and labelled right from the start. You’ll be glad you did.

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The Benefits of Bubble Wrap


Don’t you just love bubble wrap? There is something about it that makes most of us want to sit down and pop every last air bubble there – no matter how large the sheet is! 

Aside from that it does have a very important role to play in the world of storage. If you’re considering storing some valuables away for a while, you want to be sure they don’t get damaged. They’ll be safe once they’re properly stacked inside your unit, but you still need to get them from your home or office to the unit in one piece.

This is where a roll of bubble wrap makes its grand entrance. Some people use newspaper to wrap up breakable items but to be honest newspaper just doesn’t do the trick if you want them all to stay in one piece. That’s why we sell bubble wrap by the roll (and they’re sizable rolls too) so you can be sure of getting the best protection for your items.

It’s not just a case of protecting individual items either. If you have a stack of plates inside a cardboard box with no additional protection, you don’t have to drop the box to end up with broken plates. Actually if you sit the box down a little less than gently, you could end up with cracked or broken plates as a result.

In contrast, using bubble wrap around each one means there is essentially a layer of air in between each plate. There will also be some air in between the bottom plate in a box and the ground when you set the box down. You can see how much safer everything is if you use bubble wrap, so why not invest in some and take good care of everything you own?

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Temporary Storage – Why Would You Need It?

What do you think about when you think of a personal storage space? You probably think of a space filled with possessions you don’t need but you don’t want to get rid of. You’re probably thinking long-term as opposed to having the space for just a few weeks.

However there are some good reasons why people opt for temporary storage, as you’ll see here.

Students in between term time

Students don’t usually stay in Halls of Residence or lodgings in between term time. They usually go home for a while, but they may not want to take all their possessions with them. In this case personal storage makes good sense for a few weeks and it reduces the amount of things they have to take home.

People moving home

If you move home you know how much work it takes to shift all your belongings from one property to another. When you arrive at your new home you will probably want to make some decorative changes too. This is hard to do when you’re knee-deep in boxes filled with possessions that cannot yet be unpacked.

As such it makes good sense to store some of your less important possessions in a temporary storage space while you get settled and get that decorating done.

These are just two examples of situations where temporary storage solutions make a lot of sense. You can probably think of more. The point is many people assume storage spaces have to be rented for the long-term when nothing could be further from the truth. In reality you can enjoy the freedom of storing some of your belongings in a unit for a short time if needed. It might make life a lot easier if you are able to do so.


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