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‘Handle With Care’ live theatre show in Harlow this weekend

Handle with Care live theatre
Handle with Care

Handle with Care live theatre

As part of their ‘Pay what you can season’ Harlow Playhouse with Dante or Die will be performing live theatre at a self-storage facility in Harlow this weekend. Handle with Care is a live show where the audience can get so close to the main action that they are virtually taking part as they immerse themselves into the life of the main character.

Based in a self-storage facility, the audience joins Zoe from 1998 through to the present day on her journey through life and get to witness some extraordinarily intimate moments.

Amazingly the audience are asked only to ‘pay what they can’ at the end of the show by way of a collection box!

Created by Dante or Die’s Co-Artistic Directors Daphna Attias & Terry O’Donovan with Chloë Moss is a co-commission with Harlow Playhouse and is supported through funding from Arts Council England.

Hurry because there are just a few tickets are left for the shows this coming weekend. Please visit Harlow Playhouse.

New Self Storage Facility In Bristol

LoknStore Self Storage Bristol

A brand new self storage facility is about to open in Bristol at the Longwell Green Trade Park.

At Lok’nStore head office we are proud to announce the opening of our newest storage centre in the City of Bristol. Anyone who has driven through the trade estate over the last few months cannot have failed to notice the massive orange building taking shape on the corner of Aldermoor Way. We have been busy with contractors over the winter months building an incredibly modern, state of the art self storage facility that will have room for household and business customers all around the local area. For more information on this store please visit our Bristol location page.

LoknStore Self Storage Bristol

Happy 10th Birthday Lok’nStore Farnborough

Aerial photo of LoknStore Farnborough

2016 marks the 10th Anniversary of the opening of Lok’nStore’s first purpose built self storage facility on the Hawley Lane in Farnborough.

Up until 2005 Lok’nStore had usually acquired sites which already had a building that could be converted. For example an old warehouse or factory which could be stripped down, smartened up and brought back to life. Orange cladding, some new signage and the construction of a few hundred storage spaces would get a smart new storage centre up and running – obviously this is simplifying the process of converting an ugly old building into a shiny new Lok’nStore which is extremely complex and possibly involves more work than the construction a brand new building!

Aerial photo of LoknStore Farnborough

LoknStore Farnborough

Hawley Lane, Farnborough: A game changer for Lok’nStore

The existing building on the site had stood on the Hawley Lane for over 50 years. Its black, rusting corrugated cladding had seen better days and the plastic cabling business that had been trading there previously; had moved into its own new site in Aldershot. Lok’nStore made the big decision to demolish the building. The site was cleared down to ground level in 2005 and a new modern building put in its place. The footprint of the new building is bigger than the one that stood on the site previously due to some clever architecture. In early 2006 the new Hawley Lane storage centre opened as Farnborough’s first and only, purpose built self storage facility. The inside of the building was completed in 4 phases with the first 150 storage spaces available immediately. As the customer based increased the other 3 phases were gradually completed.

Facts about Lok’nStore Farnborough

  • 60,000 square foot of lettable storage space
  • 600+ private storage spaces
  • 2 lifts with the capacity for an 8 foot long sofa
  • 4 floors of various sized storage spaces
  • 20 square foot lockers
  • Huge 800 square foot storage spaces
  • 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, 120, 150, 175, 200, 250, 300 square foot lockable spaces
  • Large covered loading bays for customer use
  • Trolleys for moving goods to customer storage spaces
  • Pallet trucks for customer use
  • An onsite forklift that staff use to off load deliveries for customers
  • Kitchen facilities for free tea and coffee
  • CCTV and smoke detectors
  • Large customer car park

The successful development and opening of the Farnborough centre which is the first purpose build for Lok’nStore represents an evolution of the business model, creating value through larger new-build centres. It is the first centre where Lok’nStore has managed the entire process of buying the land, gaining planning permission, building and fitting the store. With its prominent design and position adjacent to the M3 motorway it has raised the profile of the whole Lok’nStore brand.’

Simon G Thomas – Chairman

Are the High Streets Heading to the Storage Lockers?

We’ve heard plenty about the increase in empty High Street shops in recent months. You only have to wander down your own High Street to see the reality of the situation. It does make you wonder where these businesses go however – and why no others are replacing them.

We have a thought. It’s just possible that the High Street is no longer the place of choice for those with small businesses that are starting to expand. Since some businesses can easily be run from home, there may well come a stage in many of their lives when they have to expand into bigger premises.

When this occurs you have to consider where you will go. There are lots of advantages to heading for the High Street but it’s a big step. You may well become more visible but you’ll also end up with plenty more costs including business rates and of course rental. Once you add up those costs you may find you can’t afford to make that move at all.

The next option is to consider what plenty of small businesses are looking at these days – self-storage. It’s amazing how many small businesses are run out of these places, as we’ve mentioned before. The costs here are far smaller and you get a lot more freedom too. You’re not tied into a long-term agreement for example. If things take a nosedive and you decide to close your business, there are no major problems or costs involved in doing so. Compare that to the High Street and the challenges of establishing and keeping a business going there and see how you fare.

So if the High Street continues on its downward slide could we all be shopping from storage lockers instead? Now there’s a novel idea…


Storage by the box – a brand new concept comes to a town near you

Local self storage provider Lok’nStore has launched a brand new storage concept called “Box’nStore”, which provides customers with an ingenious solution to the secure storage of important paperwork and other belongings without the customer needing to leave their home. Box’nStore delivers the boxes for free to your door and then picks them up when you have filled them to securely store the box for just £1 per box per month which you can pay by direct debit. The customer can now store one or hundreds of boxes this way for as long or as short a time as they want without ever leaving their home or office and only paying for exactly the storage they require when they want it.

Anita Gallop, Centre Manager at Lok’nStore on Hawley Lane, Farnborough said “This is a fantastic new flexible storage product for our customers which has only been available in London before. Many customers come to us wanting to store just a few boxes of belongings and we have now got a service that is both simple and affordable for our local customers. We wanted to keep the service as simple as possible so a customer can order online at and before they know it the boxes will be delivered for free, ready to fill and have collected for free.”

A Box’nStore customer said “Box’nStore has solved my storage problems – I needed secure storage for a range of documents and it was straightforward to set up an account, order online and have it delivered and collected, for free, when I wanted. This has proved so good I’m ready to order more boxes!” John B.

A recent survey by the Self Storage Association UK showed that self storage space in the UK grew by 3% in 2013, with an average of 0.5sq.ft of self storage space now available for every person in the UK*. This new service means that Lok’nStore can provide customers with access to more storage space without ever having to leave their homes.

*SSA UK Annual Survey 2014

Anything’s possible: landmark storage unit finds


One of the reasons that shows like Storage Wars are so popular is the fact that you never know what’s going to be in a storage room or unit when you open it up – it could be anything from old newspapers to a vintage car that’s been there for fifty years because someone put it there and completely forgot about it.

Every once in a while, there’s a unit discovered whose contents make headlines around the world. For instance, Burt Reynolds kept a storage unit for years until he stopped paying for it and its contents were auctioned off. It turned out Reynolds was quite the hoarder – the unit contained the canoe from Deliverance, a bill of sale for Roy Rogers’s horse, Trigger, personalised notes from the likes of Steve McQueen, Elizabeth Taylor and Cary Grant, an Emmy Award and a horse carriage built for him by Dolly Parton. Those items now form the centrepiece of a fan-runBurtReynoldsMuseum in Jupiter,Florida. It takes all sorts…

Another buyer took control of a vault that turned out to have over 250 original, unreleased Michael Jackson recordings in it, while a man in San Jose, California discovered a literal treasure trove in the form of a plastic tub filled with Spanish silver coins, gold doubloons and gold and silver ingots that was valued at over $500,000. Not a bad profit considering the unit only cost just over a grand!

An unusual benefiter of the storage unit auction system was Nicolas Cage, whose extremely rare comic (it featured the first-ever appearance of Superman and was worth over a million dollars) was stolen from his home in 2000, but turned up in a storage unit auction in 2011, still in mint condition. He eventually sold it anyway to fund his bankruptcy struggles and it fetched $2.5 million.



Mayor Opens new Maidenhead Lok’nStore

Lok'nStore Maidenhead opening Jan 2014
Lok'nStore Maidenhead

Lok'nStore's brand new store in Maidenhead

The Mayor of Maidenhead and Windsor, Cllr Andrew Jenner opened Lok’nStore’s newest bright orange, self-storage centre last week in Stafferton Way, Maidenhead.  Filmed by the BBC, he cut the ribbon at 11am  on the 29th January and the store was officially open for business, serving customers – 7 days a week – for self-storage and for sales of boxes & packing materials.

Lok'nStore Maidenhead opening Jan 2014

Self-storage is a rapidly growing service in the UK. It allows householders and businesses to rent storage space by the week with unit sizes ranging from a small cupboard up to a large garage size.  This allows customers to rent exactly the size they require for exactly the length of time they need, so saving themselves money and giving them a high level of flexibility. While in storage they can freely access their goods at any time during normal business hours including weekends.

Joining the Mayor at the celebrations were Lok’nStore executives, friends & family, local representatives from the business community and Lok’nStore’s chosen local charity the Alexandra Devine Children’s Hospice Service.

Lok’nStore is the only national storage company to open a self-storage centre in Maidenhead. The company has developed the 60,000 square foot store, turning a derelict eyesore into a smart new retail facility. The prominent orange building shares the development site with the supermarket chain Lidl, who are to open their store later in the spring. Neil Newman, Sales Director for Lok’nStore said:

Lok'nStore Maidenhead Loading bay

“We are really excited to be opening our new flagship centre in Maidenhead.  We have had a fantastic response from local householders and businesses, with hundreds of enquiries about renting space. Our Maidenhead manager, and his team have done a great job to get the store ready and we are looking forward to working hard to help Maidenhead with its storage needs.”

Self-storage is a rapidly expanding business in the UK and the BBC was filming today at the opening. They are featuring Lok’nStore in an up-coming documentary about the growth of self-storage. The BBC thinks that Lok’nStore is a great example of a storage industry success story. Watch out for this programme this spring.

For more details contact the centre manager and his team on 01628 627 380 or via email on or visit the Lok’nStore website

Storage for one box? We can help you

Saracen May 2010-286
Storage for one box - Saracen

Storage for one box at Saracen

Lots of people have been asking us recently about what Lok’nStore can do for them if they only have one or two boxes to put into storage.  After all, not everyone needs enough storage space for a house or flat at our facilities.  For example some customers will have important paperwork that they want to store away safely that may only fill one cardboard box.  It could be private documents, house deeds or just photographs and paperwork that that you want to keep, but out harms way.  If you run a small business from your home-office for instance, you may need to store just one or two boxes of legal paperwork that needs to be kept by law (Vat paperwork needs to be kept for seven years).  These examples might not be enough to make it worthwhile renting a small storage unit or room from us, but we still have a solution for your problem.

The “1 Box Storage Solution”

SaracenDataStore are part of the Lok’nStore Group, specialising in the storage of archives and documents for businesses and they can help you solve this storage problem.  Saracen is better known for the safe storage of business archives for customers, some of whom store thousands of archive boxes at their facilities.  Using O’Neil RSSQL Software, (as used by most of the world’s top record management companies) SaracenDataStore track the location of every single one of its customer’s boxes within its facility using barcode technology. Saracen has been offering a “one box storage” solution for many years and has successfully helped hundreds of householders to safely store a couple of cardboard boxes.

How much will it cost to store 1 box?

To store one box with Saracen will cost a customer just £1 per month!  You can store your one box for as long as you like, or just for a month – it’s up to you.  In addition to this low cost service Saracen will also supply you with the cardboard box and collect your box and contents from you nearest Lok’nStore for you: both for free!  When you require your box and its contents back Saracen will drop it back to your nearest Lok’nStore centre for your easy next day collection for just a small fee of £10.

For  more information or to book this service please call Saracen on 0808 256 4599 or email them at: