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Orange seagull nothing to do with us

There are rumours flying (no pun) around at the moment that Lok’nStore may have been involved an incident with an orange seagull.

As reported by BBC Wales, this seagull was scavenging for food at a curry factory when it slipped into a vat of tikka masala. The result was a bright orange seagull in Lok’nStore’s very own brand colours. We would like to make it clear that this gull was not pushed into the vat by anyone who is employed by The Big Friendly Storage Company.

Orange curry seagull

Lok'nStore had nothing to do with this orange seagull

The Many Emotional Stages of Moving House

Whether you’re moving house for the first time or the hundredth time the emotional rollercoaster we all go through is always the same. Regardless of how prepared and organized you think you are, the world is seemingly out to get us all, just when we least expect it.

We’ve all been there so let’s revel in the mutual highs and lows we go through together. Here are the many, many emotional stages of moving house…

So, the time has come and you’re moving house

You’re super excited

All the paperwork’s sorted, move in date is set!

Time to sort through your belongings

Oh what’s that? You don’t have time between work, eating and sleeping?

Too bad, get boxing!

You realise you have way too much stuff

And not enough space…

But you eventually discover packing can be fun

Because self storage is a thing!

Out of side out of mind!


All of a sudden, it’s moving day…

This is the last time you’ll drive away from your home

You start having doubts

And moving furniture can NEVER go smoothly

But once your stuff’s out of boxes

You’re suddenly overwhelmed with fuzzy, lovely feels

Ah, home sweet home!

Remember, Lok ‘nStore have bubblewrap and cardboard boxes in abundance, plus shedloads of space for all that stuff you don’t have time to sort through when you’re moving house! So next time you’re moving, be it down the road or overseas, manages your move-in-day stress with self storage from Lok ‘nStore.

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14 Things The World Needs To Lock Up For Good

This world is a magical, wonderful place but we don’t half fill it up with absolute rubbish. It’s time our beloved planet Earth had a clear out and boxed up all the junk we’d be better off without.

From the useless and annoying to the downright shameful, here are 14 things the world really needs to just lock up for good!

Pointless packaging

This needs to go! Needing scissors to open a new pair of scissors is not okay. Lock up all pointless packaging now.

Cyclists who just get in the way

Okay, so maybe you can’t lock away the actual cyclist but lock away their bikes. How are we meant to overtake you when you ride in convoy, cyclists?!

And THESE sunglasses they wear

This isn’t the 90’s and you’re not in a surfer film. Lock ‘em up!

While we’re on the topic of fashion…

This abomination that makes the standard croc look classy.

Borat mankinis

Eight years on from the release of the film, we’re still being subjected to this horrible site. Lock up all mankinis pronto!

And these ‘high fashion hooves’

Please just stop, lock them up and throw away the key!

Fedoras can go, too

Which brings us nicely onto the next thing the world needs to lock up…


It’s done. It’s over. We’re totally not envious of your beard. Honest.

Reality TV

We’d miss it at first, but in the end we’d be better off.


In both senses of the word. Spam ham and junk mail, they can both stayed locked up for good!

Every defiant tissue that ends up in the wash

We’re not sure how we’d set about locking up all tissues, but there’s nothing worse than this laundry nightmare!

Embarrassing number plates

Yes, you are a WNK3R, no, you don’t need to advertise this fact, it’s abundantly clear. If we had it our way we’d be boxing up all those customized number plates and hiding them in a Lok n’Store storage cell for good!

Awkward family events

If we could figure out a way to capture all those awkward family moments and lock them up, we’d do it in a heartbeat.

Siblings (sometimes)

We do love them but wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a place to lock ‘em up from time to time? Only in case of real emergencies, of course.

Got any other things you think should be locked away for good? Let us know what you’d lock away in the comments below!

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13 People With Real Personal Space Issues

Space invaders aren’t simply a pixilated 80’s video game enemy, they live among us and they’re taking up space in ways you’d never imagine. From bombarding our inboxes to hijacking our morning commutes, space invaders are everywhere and as a nation we’re now in dire need of some breathing room!

However, there’s always somebody who’s got it worse, so at least we can be grateful we’re not these guys. Here are 13 people who are urgently in need of some extra space…

These jovial passengers

How they’re holding on at high speed, we’ll never know!

This guy who made a narrow escape

Come on, if we’re honest we’ve all called somebody a couple thousand times during a low point, right?!

This passive aggressive commuter

Actually not a bad idea when you think about it…

This girl who has the worst experiences talking to people

The worst we’ve had is spit on the face.

These dogs


And this unfortunate dog owner

Still, you couldn’t stay mad for long.

Poor ol’ Rafa 

Let the poor boy breath!

This sleep-deprived girlfriend

Aw, true romance.

The unsuspecting victims of this public loo

We’d just hold it in, guys.

This fella  who’s regretting  agreeing to a cat

We really don’t want to know how it ended up there in the first place!

And this cat, for that matter

Nobody respects personal boundaries these days!

These happy holidayers

How some of these people are still smiling we’ll never know.


We don’t think they’re getting the message, Sarah, sorry!

And finally THIS ardent reader who’s run out of room

Seriously, if anybody needs to take a trip to their local Lok n’Store it’s this guy!

So remember, no matter how crowded your life may seem, it’s still never gonna’ be as bad as these guys! Still, it may be time to have a clear out to free up some personal space, so box up what you don’t need right now and pay us a visit before you become a personal space invader!

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Cultivating a personal library…in a self-storage unit?

Voracious readers generally all have one thing in common – an ever-decreasing amount of space for the storage of their beloved books. Whether they’re history buffs curious about major events and lives of the past or fiction fanatics obsessed with the likes of Ian McEwan, Stephen King and Margaret Atwood, every book they buy takes up another space on the shelf (or on the bedside table, or on the floor, or in the study) and the number of literary treasures they’ve picked up over the years can soon become overwhelming.

That’s why it makes sense, especially if you want to move out some old favourites so you can bring in some new ones, to keep your books in a storage room away from your house – you can even turn it into your own personal library if you want to go that far. What better way could there be to spend a day isolated from the world, with a chair and some snacks (there’s nothing to stop you bringing those in) in the company of your old friends?

In addition, you may have a collection of books which is valuable – the rare book industry is booming, and if you happen to have picked up first or limited editions of famous novels or books that have been signed by their authors, you’ll obviously want to keep them in as safe a place as possible in order to protect them from possible theft or fire or water damage. A storage room is completely secure – you’d be the only person with a key to the padlock on the door, and the building is locked down at night so nobody can get in, even those renting spaces. It’d be cheaper and easier than putting your books in a bank vault, that’s for sure!

With over 130 million published books (according to Google, and even that official figure seems a little low) in existence, even having 0.0001% of them in your house would put some serious pressure on your space allowance. Why not relieve that pressure by renting a storage room on a long-term basis?

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Forbidden Items In The World Of Self Storage

In the self storage industry we are always talking about all the things that you “can” put into a storage facility – the stuff we can help you with – but what about the things you “can’t” store – the dreaded forbidden items.

1. You will not be able to put something into storage that is stolen

Like this 10-tonne mango that has gone missing from the tourist information centre in Bowen, north Queensland, Australia.  It’s not the size of the gigantic mango that would cause a storage company to refuse entry; it’s the fact that it’s stolen.   This “Mango Unchained” sculpture which is reported to be worth around $90,000 would definitely be a forbidden item and would not get into a quality self storage facility.

2. You cannot put illegal items into self storage

Yes duuudddeee, that does include your herbal cannabis. Dutch drug dealers tried to use shipping containers full of potted plants to smuggle in £2.7 million of drugs into Felixstowe in 2013.  Eagle-eyed Border Force officers used hi-tech equipment to sniff out this shipment. Drugs are illegal and therefore absolutely cannot be put into self storage.  Most staff at good storage centres are trained to be on the look-out for illegal items and would not hesitate to call the police should they think their premises were being used for illegal purposes.

3. Fireworks – NO!

As much as a good storage company would try to help any business customer with their storage needs, the storage of fireworks is a big no-no.  In 2013 a blast at a fireworks factory in Thanh Ba district,Vietnam, killed at least 21 people and injured another 98, with residents for 10 miles around having to be evacuated. Modern storage facilities are very safe when it comes to risk of fire, but they wouldn’t accept fireworks.

4. You cannot put live, dead or even just resting animals into storage

Come on folks, we’re not running a farm or a zoo in the storage industry.  This is one of those forbidden items that has probably never been put into storage, but never-the-less, it has to be pointed out for the benefit of certain people.  No you cannot put live animals or Polly the Parrot into a self storage centre and if you tried to we would question your sanity.

5. You cannot store dangerous chemicals

As much as you need that vat of sulphuric acid for your furniture stripping business, storage companies won’t want it in their premises. Businesses will be welcomed by any good self storage company and they should do their best to help help you find a subtitle alternative facility for chemical storage.

6. You cannot store gas canisters or any flammable items

Gas bottles or anything obviously flammable has to be on the forbidden list for any good storage company.  As with dangerous chemicals, most storage companies will help you to find a subtitle alternate facility of these items.

7. You cannot store perishable foods or materials

Imagine what that van load of mackerel that you bought cheap at the market will smell like after it’s been in storage for a few days.  Anything organic that is going to give off a foul smell or odour as it rots is obviously not going to be very nice for the other customers at a storage centre.  For this reason food and perishable goods are also on the forbidden list.

That’s it.  These are the forbidden items that you cannot store with a storage company.  It’s not a particularly long list which is good news because it means that the list of things you can store is huge.  If you do need storage for some of the banned items listed above it’s worth giving your local self storage facility a call regardless.  Most of the people in the industry are very experienced and they will no doubt have contacts in other areas who may be able to solve or help with your problem.

Have your girlfriend’s shoes taken over?

Shoe Storage

Gentlemen, did you know that your wife or girlfriend is taking over your wardrobe space?

Without you realising it, she will have gradually invaded your space with her vastly ridiculous collection of handbags and shoes.  She will have cleverly passed it off as “a bargain” or “I need them for an interview,” but she will have gradually stolen (yes I say stolen) your personal wardrobe space.  No doubt you have been unable to find that fine pair of soft Italian leather loafers that you bought in Milan that year.  Have you “lost” that new pair of running shoes that mysteriously disappeared at the same time as the sales started?

There’s only one thing for it my friend; your wife needs self storage.  She needs a small storage unit for that vast collection of shoes and bags where she can store them out of harms way.  She could visit whenever she wants, selecting just that right colour of mule, stiletto or sling back. Rent her a 25 sqft room at Lok’nStore and she would even be able to put a full length mirror in there as well.

Think about it this way: you don’t know what to get her for Christmas do you?


Is it an attic or a loft?

Many of us call it the loft.  Some of us call it the attic.  Either way, many of them are stuffed to the rafters with our old possessions.  Is there a difference between a loft and an attic?  Looking around the web there seems to be no clear definition other than “an attic runs the entire length of a house or property, while a loft is only part of it.”  Attics are also generally used for storage, whereas a loft can be turned into an extra living space or work place / home office.

To be honest though it doesn’t matter what it’s called: it’s still a mess!