Chair storage ideas

June 6, 2011

One of the ‘big’ problems with living in a ‘small’ flat or house – is where to store spare chairs for visitors or guests when entertaining. This is a problem that I myself have in the tiny property that I rent. It has a three-seater sofa and an armchair in the living room, but there is no way I can fit any other chairs in. When I’m entertaining and guests arrive I usually give them the sofa or armchair while I perch on the edge of the coffee table! I could get some spare collapsible chairs, but I have hardly any storage space at all – what can people do in this kind of situation?

After spending some time looking around for a tidy, but good looking storage solution to this problem, it seems that the best thing to do is hang the chairs from the wall. Collapsible wooden chairs, either in natural wood or painted seem to look the coolest.

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