Choosing your storage unit

September 1, 2011

You can easily keep your belongings in a secured, safe place and have more space in your home. Some reasons for creating space in your house or flat are remodeling, the arrival of a new family member, new furniture, and securing your valuables from theft or robbery. There are lots of reasons for hiring a self-storage facility, but what is most important is the type of facility you hire. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

How to Choose which storage unit you need.

Location: The location of a storage unit should be the first aspect that needs to be considered when renting space. It should be close to your home or to the office so that you do not have to travel a long distance to fetch your belongings. A far-off storage unit could be a pain to visit, as you would not like to waste your time in traffic or money on fuel. It is advisable to hire a facility that is located close to your vicinity. Don’t forget that Lok’nStore has 22 self-storage centres across the southeast, many near major motorways or A roads.

Size: Self-storage buildings have units and rooms of different sizes. The staff at Lok’nStore are the most knowledgeable in the storage industry and will help to pick the correct size to store your goods or belongings in. Check the vertical space of the unit apart from the floor space. The vertical space will allow you to stack up items in boxes. Make the best use of the space available and save money by hiring the right size of the unit.

Security: This cannot be ignored as it is of prime importance. When you store belongings at a Lok’nStore Self Storage facility, they are locked securely into your unit that only ‘you’ have a key to. When Lok’nStore storage centres are open, they are fully staffed at all times.

Remember these simple things while you hire storage units. Another important factor is to pack your belongings properly. Packing also plays an important role in storing your belongings. Poor packing will make the moving job difficult for you.

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