Cultivating a personal library…in a self-storage unit?

May 21, 2014

Voracious readers generally all have one thing in common – an ever-decreasing amount of space for the storage of their beloved books. Whether they’re history buffs curious about major events and lives of the past or fiction fanatics obsessed with the likes of Ian McEwan, Stephen King and Margaret Atwood, every book they buy takes up another space on the shelf (or on the bedside table, or on the floor, or in the study) and the number of literary treasures they’ve picked up over the years can soon become overwhelming.

That’s why it makes sense, especially if you want to move out some old favourites so you can bring in some new ones, to keep your books in a storage room away from your house – you can even turn it into your own personal library if you want to go that far. What better way could there be to spend a day isolated from the world, with a chair and some snacks (there’s nothing to stop you bringing those in) in the company of your old friends?

In addition, you may have a collection of books which is valuable – the rare book industry is booming, and if you happen to have picked up first or limited editions of famous novels or books that have been signed by their authors, you’ll obviously want to keep them in as safe a place as possible in order to protect them from possible theft or fire or water damage. A storage room is completely secure – you’d be the only person with a key to the padlock on the door, and the building is locked down at night so nobody can get in, even those renting spaces. It’d be cheaper and easier than putting your books in a bank vault, that’s for sure!

With over 130 million published books (according to Google, and even that official figure seems a little low) in existence, even having 0.0001% of them in your house would put some serious pressure on your space allowance. Why not relieve that pressure by renting a storage room on a long-term basis?

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