De-Clutter Your Room For A Good Nights Sleep

March 28, 2014

Are you suffering from insomnia?

If a good night’s sleep is something that eludes you, then you may not need to look any further than your bedroom for the solution. A cluttered bedroom can lead to a cluttered mind, and this could be exactly what is giving you nightmares without you even knowing it. If you’re reading this then you are probably suffering from a restless night’s sleep, so it’s worth a try, right?

A cluttered room results in a cluttered mind

Household mess is something all of us make from time to time (or from day to day), but it’s when we leave it for too long that it becomes a problem. Clutter is the type of mess that you just don’t know where to start with. Do you start by cleaning out under the bed, or do you tackle the wardrobe first? Clearing out and de-cluttering can be a tiresome process if you don’t plan ahead and organise properly. Failing to do so can leave you with an even bigger mess than you started with.

Get motivated!

Nevertheless, getting rid of things you don’t need and gaining some more floor space can give you an incredible buzz and can even inspire people to lead a cleaner, fresher and more organised life. The sense of achievement you feel when you have successfully de-cluttered your bedroom will make you want to get to work on the rest of the house, and if it doesn’t then at least it will help you towards getting a better nights sleep.

How to clean out your closet according to the professionals

The best professional organisers will prompt you to start off by cleaning out the cupboards. The cupboards are probably one of the worst places in the home when it comes to clutter. The reason for this being that we know no guests will be so rude as to open up our wardrobe doors and peek inside. Before you start, strip your bed so that you can use it as a dumping ground for all of the things you no longer need.

Where should you start?

It can be difficult to know where to start with a wardrobe full up of clothes, books, shoes and handbags so begin by pulling out everything you haven’t worn in the last year. Many people cling onto clothes that they don’t need for a number of different reasons but try to be as selective as possible. If there is simply no way all of your clothes are fitting into that wardrobe in an orderly fashion then you may want to think about opting for self-storage solutions so that you can store seasonal items in a separate place. But remember, clothes tend not to improve with age.

Next, you should decide what items you want at your fingertips and which items can be hidden away in containers or draws under the bed, on top of the wardrobe or in the loft. Once you have successfully chosen the items that will be staying at arms reach then you can start arranging them. Try to hang similar items together. For example group shirts together, pants together and dresses together. This organisational technique will help with housekeeping later on.

Sometimes messy wardrobes are due to a lack of light. If you’re struggling to see inside your wardrobe then you should consider installing a good lighting system. If you don’t fancy spending lots of cash then you can opt for a hanging battery cupboard light or a LED strip lights.

Turning a floordrobe into a wardrobe again

Once your closet is back to good order you can begin on the rest of the bedroom. The first hotspot to tackle is the floor. Pick everything up and put it back where it should be, whether that means in the bin, the washing machine or in the cupboard.

Improve the function of your bedroom

You can improve the function of your room by removing furniture and reading materials. For example, although armchairs may give your bedroom a cosy comfortable look, if a week’s worth of clothes ends up simply sitting on the chair then it’s time to get shot of it. If stacks of books and magazines contribute to this bedroom clutter find a new home for them and try to limit yourself to one piece of reading material on your bedside table.

Could technology be the culprit?

Experts also believe that removing computers, televisions and other electronics can help you to get a much more peaceful and restful sleep. These devices are considered to be distractions and can make falling and staying asleep tricky.

The Kids Bedroom

Often children’s rooms are less cluttered than the master bedroom simply because adults put their children first. Most children aren’t too bothered about the mess, which is why it never enters their mind to put things away or have a little tidy up. The majority of the mess will be down to toys scattered across the bedroom floor, which is the sort of mess that can easily be organised.

The importance of a tidy room

Just because your children don’t necessarily care about their room being untidy doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care. It is a known fact that children learn more from what they see than from what they hear. So, if your room is full up with clutter, don’t be too surprised if your children’s rooms are messy too. You should make a habit of modelling the behaviour you want from your children, that way you will eliminate any of your own bad habits and at the same time encourage your children to pick up some good habits!

How to tackle the issue

The best way to tackle a bedroom littered with toys is to purchase colourful plastic bins for storing loose items that otherwise would just be lying on the floor. These boxes are great because they fit on shelves, under beds and in closets and it will even add a splash of bright colour to a room, ideal for a child’s bedroom.

The Teenagers Bedroom

Attempting to get our teenagers to clean their own room is a common battle in the average family household. Parents feel like they have to impose some order and teens want their room to be private, therefore the struggle escalates. Occasionally your teen will comply a little, but sometimes parents will simply give up in exhaustion.

Act as a partner rather than an armchair supervisor

Why do we still bother? After all, it causes a hell of a lot of arguments. Teaching our kids how to keep their stuff in order is our job, whether they have a whole room to themselves or just a corner of their own. It is important to teach young adults how to be grownup and responsible as they need to be ready for the real world. Knowing how to make and keep good order will stand them in good stead during adult life challenges, which is why it is important that you do not do all of the hard work for them.

How to improve the situation

  • Set a good example by having a positive attitude towards daily housekeeping chores.
  • Give your teen a pride of place. Give them control over where things are kept, let them rearrange the furniture or repaint the shelf.
  • Define clearly what it means to have a cleanroom. Make a checklist for them to refer to. Include realistic things such as making the bed, putting the laundry in a hamper and vacuuming the floor.
  • Provide boxes and bins and label them to ensure everything has a place. This helps teens to get organized with minimum effort.
  • Start off by doing chores together. Armchair supervision won’t help the process along so try to act as a partner rather than a director.

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