De-cluttering Could Lead to Lost Treasures


Ah the joy of de-cluttering. It’s one of those jobs few of us ever look forward to, and yet when we get started it has a strangely enjoyable feel. It doesn’t matter whether you’re clearing out the spare room, the attic or even your self-storage space, the process can actually be quite cathartic once you get started.

And you never know quite what will turn up either. The longer it has been since you cleared out said-space, wherever that might be, the better the odds are that you’ll find an object that might actually be worth something. So if you have a clear-out pending, keep this in mind.

You’d be surprised what might be worth money too. Take old VHS videotapes for example. Now we’d be the first people to admit that most of these aren’t going to be worth anything at all. But… before you throw out anything that appears to be a little unusual or less popular in any way, take a look on eBay to see what it might bring. There are some videos that aren’t ten-a-penny, like Titanic for example. Some are very rare indeed and some collectors would pay a small fortune to get hold of them.

We’ve all heard stories of people coming across things they almost threw away, only to make a mint later on at auction when they discovered the value of what they had. Remember, it’s not how much something is worth to you, it’s how much it might be worth to someone else that matters.


You just never know what you might find when you start that clear-out. So if you are putting off the idea of de-cluttering whatever room is earmarked for the task, maybe the thought of finding potential treasure will help you get things moving.


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