Do We Have to Forget Something to Really Appreciate It?


Storage spaces are practical, useful and very appropriate in many situations. For the most part we pack things up in boxes or crates and store them in the space for an indefinite length of time. Sometimes it might only be temporary owing to a move, but at other times we might rely on the additional space for a long time.

This invariably leads to us going back to the storage space after months or perhaps even years, ready to see what is in there. They say something that is out of sight is also out of mind, and this is definitely the case with a storage space. It’s quite usual to forget what is in that box or that odd-shaped crate with things sticking out of it you can’t even identify. Life moves on and yet we can leave a huge portion of it in storage. It’s a strange concept when you think about it, particularly as we can go straight back to that chunk of our lives whenever we want to.


Various things can trigger memories in us – sounds, smells, things we see and touch and so on. So it is perhaps not surprising that many people get these kinds of sensations when it comes to storage lockers. Think of how much is in there, stored away out of sight for prolonged periods of time. Items wrapped in boxes or kept in hermetically sealed plastic crates can retain their smell too, which is a powerful trigger for memories.

Even though we will grow out of some things – not just as children but as adults too – we will undoubtedly respond to the memories they bring up in us when we are older. And that is the reason why forgetting what we have in our storage space can be an exciting experience when we do eventually go back to it.

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