Do You Need a Self Storage Facility?

December 5, 2011

Putting your household or personal belongings into a self-storage space is a great way to make some room in your home or flat, and for lots of people, it’s an easy way to de-clutter. If you have a young family, for example, there may be a gap between having children – you will be left with lots of toys and items that your first child has grown out of, but you might want to save them for a second child. If you don’t have enough room in your house (and with a young child and all their accoutrements, this is often likely!) then a self-storage facility is a good way of keeping everything until you are ready to use it again.

If you have recently inherited furniture from a friend or family member, you may wish to sell it or keep it in storage until you decide what to do with it. You might need to clear a deceased relative’s home, and self-storage can be great for keeping hold of their possessions – going through everything carefully; deciding what to keep can be a very emotional process (you might even be clearing a house and packing everything away on behalf of a friend or partner who can’t face it at the moment). Keeping everything safe and packed away in a storage room is a good option, and you can then go back to it when you’re ready, and decide what you will keep and what you’re prepared to sell or pass on.

Seasonal items are also ideal for putting into self-storage – windsurfing, surfboarding or sailing kit can take up a lot of room, and if you don’t have space at home then self-storage is the perfect solution. Similarly, skis and winter clothing (or summer clothing during the winter) can be put into self-storage, to give you an extra room at home.

Moving home can often be a drawn-out process, and many people find that they need to rent out a home or flat to bridge the gap between leaving their old home and moving into their new one. This can often occur if you are waiting for building works or renovations to be completed on your new home, and you may just need a month or two in rented accommodation until your new place is finished. Self-storage is great in this situation – you will probably rent a small house or flat, so you’ll need to put the majority of your furniture into storage until you can get it into your new house.

When you’re packing furniture and items up for self-storage, make sure you have plenty of boxes and bubble wrap to protect delicate items. To protect the corners and edges of furniture, such as tables, see if you can get hold of cardboard shapes that will fit neatly over the corners and stop any damage during your move. Look for a self-storage facility near you, and see if they can provide van hire as well, to keep everything as simple as possible for you.

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