Forbidden Items In The World Of Self Storage

February 24, 2014

In the self-storage industry we are always talking about all the things that you “can” put into a storage facility – the stuff we can help you with – but what about the things you “can’t” store – the dreaded forbidden items.

1. You will not be able to put something into storage that is stolen

Like this 10-tonne mango that has gone missing from the tourist information centre in Bowen, North Queensland, Australia. It’s not the size of the gigantic mango that would cause a storage company to refuse entry; it’s the fact that it’s stolen. This “Mango Unchained” sculpture which is reported to be worth around $90,000 would definitely be a forbidden item and would not get into a quality self-storage facility.

2. You cannot put illegal items into self-storage

Yes dude, that does include your herbal cannabis. Dutch drug dealers tried to use shipping containers full of potted plants to smuggle in £2.7 million of drugs into Felixstowe in 2013. Eagle-eyed Border Force officers used hi-tech equipment to sniff out this shipment. Drugs are illegal and therefore absolutely cannot be put into self-storage. Most staff at good storage centres are trained to be on the look-out for illegal items and would not hesitate to call the police should they think their premises were being used for illegal purposes.

3. Fireworks – NO!

As much as a good storage company would try to help any business customer with their storage needs, the storage of fireworks is a big no-no. In 2013 a blast at a fireworks factory in Thanh Ba district, Vietnam, killed at least 21 people and injured another 98, with residents for 10 miles around having to be evacuated. Modern storage facilities are very safe when it comes to the risk of fire, but they wouldn’t accept fireworks.

4. You cannot put live, dead or even just resting animals into storage

Come on folks, we’re not running a farm or a zoo in the storage industry. This is one of those forbidden items that has probably never been put into storage, but never-the-less, it has to be pointed out for the benefit of certain people. No, you cannot put live animals or Polly the Parrot into a self-storage centre and if you tried to we would question your sanity.

5. You cannot store dangerous chemicals

As much as you need that vat of sulphuric acid for your furniture stripping business, storage companies won’t want it in their premises. Businesses will be welcomed by any good self-storage company and they should do their best to help help you find a subtitle alternative facility for chemical storage.

6. You cannot store gas canisters or any flammable items

Gas bottles or anything obviously flammable has to be on the forbidden list for any good storage company. As with dangerous chemicals, most storage companies will help you to find a subtitle alternate facility of these items.

7. You cannot store perishable foods or materials

Imagine what that van load of mackerel that you bought cheap at the market will smell like after it’s been in storage for a few days. Anything organic that is going to give off a foul smell or odour as it rots is obviously not going to be very nice for the other customers at a storage centre. For this reason, food and perishable goods are also on the forbidden list.

That’s it. These are the forbidden items that you cannot store with a storage company. It’s not a particularly long list which is good news because it means that the list of things you can store is huge. If you do need storage for some of the banned items listed above it’s worth giving your local self-storagedude facility a call regardless. Most of the people in the industry are very experienced and they will no doubt have contacts in other areas who may be able to solve or help with your problem.

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