Getting the most from self storage

May 30, 2011

Have you ever found that you have a shortage of storage space at home because of excessive stock or equipment or personal belongings? Or have you ever needed to de-clutter a room, removing all the items in order to make architectural alterations or simply to move out?

This is when Lok’nStore self-storage services, become handy solutions as they allow you to store as many items as you need, for as long as you need to. In addition, Lok’nStore offers safe and secure conditions to give total peace of mind to customers. If you feel that your home or office is cluttered with too many items it may interesting to you to find out more about our storage services.

Lok’nStore self-storage services provide a secure environment where you can keep valuable and fragile items. It’s possible to store documents and antiquities, photographs and souvenirs, snowboards and skis, tools and equipment, furniture, or almost anything you can think of! It is important to point out that Lok’nStore self-storage invests a lot of money into state-of-the-art technologies like security cameras in order to ensure the protection of your items. In addition, you are the only key holder for your storage unit: the facility staff has no access to your belongings.

Lok’nStore self-storage offers flexibility and convenience.

First of all, you may choose a unit of any size you wish and even change it if you need to. Secondly, you can access your storage unit at any time you want during our opening hours. Finally, you can store your items for as long as you want.

You may also be thinking ‘where can I find good quality packaging products and cheap vans for transportation of my items?’

The answer is very simple: Lok’nStore self-storage facilities offer those services for you. We can provide good value storage and packing boxes, bubble wrap, and parcel tape at very attractive prices. We can also provide cheap van rental on your move-in day for just £10. So as you can see; Lok’nStore self-storage facilities are handy solutions to the problem of cluttering. Call us today for more free information or visit our website at

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