How Do You Sort Out an Untidy Storage Space?

December 23, 2014

Picture this. You’ve spent the last couple of years gradually putting more and more stuff into your storage space. You’ve never quite got around to putting it in there tidily or in any kind of order. Think haphazard and you’ve got the idea.

When the time comes to have a proper tidy up, where on earth do you begin?

It’s a good question and one you’ll need to find an answer to if you want to make sure your storage space looks better than it did when you started. Firstly we’d recommend taking a whole roll (or two) of bin liners with you to get rid of anything you don’t want to keep anymore. If you know there are going to be items you can sell, take some crates or boxes and put those to one side… but only if you know you’re going to shift this stuff straightaway. If not, give it away to charity shops to get rid of it.

Now comes the time to start searching through the boxes and stuff you have. Don’t decide where to start – just pick the box or bag closest to you and go through one at a time. This is going to take longer than you thought but the best bet is to go right in there and make a start.

After a while, you might feel as if you’re making headway. This isn’t the time to slack off (although we feel a cuppa would be well-deserved at this stage). Instead, keep right on going so you don’t lose the momentum. Remember too that if it has taken you some time to build all this stuff up, you’re going to end up taking quite a while to clear some of it out as well.

The key is to keep on going and to make sure you do things in an orderly fashion. It’s also good to remember LoknStore has brand new boxes and other items that are useful for storage right here for you to buy. So get rid of all the old dented ones while you have the chance and begin as you mean to go on. With the right approach and the determination to have a proper clear-out, your storage space could soon be looking as good as new. You’ll know where everything is too, which is definitely a bonus!

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