How Much Could You Get for Renting that Spare Room?


What are spare rooms for? Well they’re spare aren’t they, so it’s likely you use yours for storing things you don’t often use. You might have converted it into a small office, or there could be a bed in there, buried under boxes and clothes you haven’t worn since 1982.

The point is that many spare rooms don’t have a use. They just sit there accumulating junk. But there is another solution. You could consider renting it out. This won’t be for everyone but some people are quite happy to rent a room in their home because it brings in an additional income. And who couldn’t do with a little extra cash these days?

You could make a few hundred pounds extra each month from this option too. It depends where you live and how big the spare room is, but if you own your own home this could be a good way to increase your income. The only challenge is where you will put all those belongings that are currently sitting in the spare room.


The solution? Why not rent a self-storage space and put it all in there? You can have a clear-out at the same time of course, as this will help you work out whether there is anything you should get rid of. In addition you can still make a profit because the cost of renting that storage space will be far less than you’d make from renting out the spare room.

So you can see the figures really do add up in your favour and you don’t have to throw anything away if you don’t want to. It might actually be the best time to sort out your home anyway, if you know you’re overdue to do it.


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