How Self Storage Can Help Your Business This Year

March 4, 2014

The Sky is the Limit

The New Year sees many changes and alternations for businesses both large and small. Following the festive season, business directors and managers will begin to strategise fresh approaches that will maximize returns over the forthcoming year. Tons of businesses across the globe already use self-storage for a variety of different reasons. Below are a few examples of when and why self-storage can be useful and lucrative for businesses.

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Whether you are downgrading to smaller premises or looking at a much larger site, moving properties can be a stressful process for any business. Often a company will lose money during this transitional period, but there really is no reason why you should and here’s why.

A storage facility is able to act as a safety blanket during this crucial time. Most of the time before businesses can inhabit a new office complex there is an in-between gap in which office space expires. Self-storage can help to bridge the gap, providing a space to store office furniture, hardware, documents and stock, allowing you to continue with work as normal.

Overflowing offices

Some businesses do not have the money or means to relocate, yet they still have some serious space issues. Working within a cluttered office is awful for productivity and doesn’t look very professional when clients visit. However, many businesses have longstanding documents that are important to keep for posterity. Other office trimmings such as Christmas decorations or unused flipcharts also take up a lot of floor space. Storing items in self-storage that are currently overstuffing desk draws, filling up cabinets and simply getting in the way can prove to be a real godsend for offices that are suffering from a lack of space.

Stock overflow

If you are looking to expand your operations this year you may be thinking of ordering a lot of stock. Again, self-storage is a great place to store extra items until you need to access them. At Lok’nStore you can access your excess whenever you like, meaning that you will always be able to keep your stock levels high.

Office renovations

The warm welcome of a New Year often motivates businesses to refurbish and redecorate. It is incredible what a lick of paint can do to inspire a workforce and self-storage can help you get well on your way. Revolutionise the way your company operates and continue the momentum throughout the year.

Start-up businesses

We all know that starting up a new business is tough at the best of times, let alone in this economy, but if part of your business plan means that you’ll need self-storage or office space then finding a solution that is both flexible and affordable is vital. Lok’nStore has multiple types of business storage available – see below to check out your options.

  • Archiving, records or document storage – with our self-service archives you will receive a private document storage room for all of your important paperwork.
  • Individual storage rooms – All individual storage rooms have secure steel doors and range in sizes from 25sq ft to 1,000 sq ft.
  • Mini-warehousing – Lok’nStore provides warehousing space that can be tailored to suit your exact requirements.
  • National accounts – If your business gets so big that you need storage at multiple locations, Lok’nStore can set up a National Account for you, meaning that you can use our storage facilities in over 20 locations.
  • Low-cost office space to rent and let – From just £5 a day you can own a flexible office space that suits your business and doesn’t break the bank. You will not have to pay rates or utilities on top, and with weekly, monthly and annual terms available you can easily alter your office space as your business grows.

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