Indoor bike storage

Everybody knows that bike theft is extremely common now days, with thieves becoming more expert and brazen at dealing with modern locks and bike security. With many bicycles costing over £1,000 they are a big draw for the thief. Current advice is: keep your bike indoors. That would be fine if we all lived in large houses, but many of us don’t and have to exist in slightly larger than rabbit hutch “modern” housing.

So where do you keep that shiny new bike you’ve bought with your hard earned cash?

There are many options on the market at the moment for getting your bike off the floor and out of the hallway where you no doubt keep tripping over it. One of my favourite bike storage hangers is this one by Hood. It’s basically a hook that “fixes your fixie” (see what I did there) to the wall, but still manages to have keep a pleasant architectural form. Made totally in England, the Hood bike wall mount is manufactured from folded steel with a nice piece of leather to prevent your bike from getting scratched. They come in “Urban Grey” and “Flat White,” but can be made in any colour you fancy.

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