Interest in student holiday storage hotting up

April 24, 2014

Special holiday storage rates for students at Lokn’Store

Lok’nStore has just upped their offer to students who want vacation storage near their college or university by offering the lowest rates in the market – from £10 a week – plus a free padlock. All students need to do when booking their holiday storage is to produce their student id to get these special rates and free storage packs.

Every year and every holiday (be it the long summer break or the Easter or Christmas holidays), rather than packing up their car or a kindly parent’s or friend’s car and driving home with everything they’ve got for the term, students choose to put their things into storage. So they can leave all their termly possessions at Lok’nStore in safe & clean units until the next term. Every one of Lok’nStore’s 25 centres has units for £10 per week for students to rent. It’s all pretty easy and it’s very affordable with these rates.

The pressure for students to take their stuff away from their student accommodation comes from the fact that so many colleges and universities use the rooms in the holidays for both conferences and for summer (or holiday) schools for special courses and the like. And that means that the student has to clear out the room so that it’s free to be let out as accommodation for those events. In some cases, students take their things to Lok’nStore when they’re away for a term studying or getting experience abroad. Just compare the £10 per week to keep your things in Lok’nStore to the weekly rent on a room, say £110 to £150 a week. Incidentally, did you know that student accommodation has doubled in price in the last 10 years – according to the NUS!

Visit our student storage page for more information.

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