Lok’nstore CEO features on BBC 2’s Business Boomers

April 15, 2014

Lok’nstore is extremely proud to have been featured on the BBC 2 programme Business Boomers on Monday evening highlighting us as a leading company in the self-storage industry, which is thriving despite the effects of the economic downturn.

Our CEO, Andrew Jacobs, was interviewed and shed some light on the company’s beginnings – did you know our early spaces were mainly former factories that had previously manufactured everything from parachutes to furniture? From tiny acorns, oak trees grow…

Andrew also highlighted the difficulties involved in beginning to turn a profit in the self-storage industry and the subsequent introduction of our free 4 week trial to new customers. As soon as a new building opens, it is essentially making a loss as nobody is storing anything in any of the lockers. It’s a testament to the determination and business acumen of the Andrew and the rest of the company as a whole, that we have become and continue to be one of the leading self-storage providers in the UK.

The programme also went into detail about why Britain has become a nation of self-storage users and how the industry has grown and changed as a result of rising demand for units across the country.

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