Lok’nStore Chichester Update: NOW OPEN

LoknStore Self Storage Chichester

Artist impression of Lok'nStore Chichester.

Lok’nStore is pleased to announce the opening of a new self storage facility in Chichester. 

The Lok’nStore building in Terminus Road, has been renovated during the Summer and Autumn as we prepared for its opening. Formally a car dealership, the tired outside cladding of the building has been stripped away to reveal the original steel superstructure. Over the last few months our contractors have been busily replacing the cladding with the now famous Lok’nStore orange and refitting the inside with lifts, storage units and all the things that make up a modern self storage facility. The ground floor of the original building had no real reception for customers or office area for staff, so contractors have been busy putting up walls and running electrics in preparation.

Old Lok'nStore Chichester

The original building in the early Summer.

Lok’nStore has already appointed a manager for the Chichester store; a very experienced member of staff from our Portsmouth storage centre who will soon be out and about in Chichester meeting local businesses and householders. Amazingly we already have reservations for this store.


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