Lok’nStore flexibility helps Vintage Vibe success.

Over the years at Lok’nStore we’ve heard of many success stories where businesses have used our storage facilities to their benefit, especially when first setting up and starting out.  Our flexible business model allows small (and big) companies to rent just enough space for their needs at the time, without having to sign long contracts that commit them to expensive warehouse space that they may not then need.

Shabby Chic

One such business that has used our facilities to their advantage is Vintage Vibe.  Lisa and Wendy both put £50 each into a bank account to start Vintage Vibe back in 2008 with a view to using any money they earned as a pension pot – by selling over 400 quirky items described as ‘Shabby Chic,’ including furniture and classically styled candelabras over the internet.  What had started as a couple of pals looking to earn few extra pounds turned into a runaway success with Vintage Vibe now a limited company whose turnover is on course to reach £500,000 in the next few months – with the target of hitting £1 million annual turnover in the next two years.  Lisa and Wendy had a success story on their hands and found that they needed warehouse space for their expanding stock.

Space that grows with your business. 

They rented warehouse space at Lok’nStore Tonbridge, which has given Vintage Vibe the flexibility to expand without the need to move to new premises.  By using Lok’nStore’s flexible storage space they have ended up in the happy circumstance of being able to expand or contract their warehouse space depending on their level of current business and stock.  This has proved to be a great model for all types of businesses – especially new start ups – with eBay companies, small and large, loving this type of flexibility offered by Lok’nStore.  For more information about how we can help your business please call or visit us today.



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