Looking for self storage?

October 10, 2011

Some members of Lok’nStore staff may recognise this very famous Lok’nStorian, who turned up at our head office early last week, and as always caused a stir. He wasn’t actually on the lookout for self-storage, but couldn’t help taking a view of the great deals we have here and at our other facilities across the South East.

Do you know who it is? Here are a few clues.

  1. He’s responsible for the bright orange branding of Lok’nStore. Yep, without this man, we would have been a very dull blue.
  2. He first coined the phrase “Too much stuff? Don’t ignore it…Lok’nStore it!” that graced the south’s airwaves during one of our radio broadcasting campaigns.
  3. Lok’nStore is “The Big Friendly Storage Company,” because of this former member of staff.

The first person to answer the question correctly via Facebook, wins a small prize.

If you are on the lookout for a great self-storage deal, give your local Lok’nStore centre a call today. We have the lowest storage prices in your local area “guaranteed.”

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