Need some extra business storage?

November 28, 2011

Many businesses use self-storage space as an extension to their premises, so if your business premises or offices are getting too crowded, have a think about what you could put into a Lok’nStore facility to free up some space.

Offices can often get clogged up with an excess of paperwork – files that need to be kept for a certain amount of time, research into old projects, accounts, and so on. Even when these are stored properly in files and folders, they can still quickly mount up. You may have been forced to keep these in filing cabinets and on bookshelves, but why not box them up and put them into self-storage at Lok’nStore? Ask a trusted member of staff to be responsible for boxing everything up – try and get it into some sort of order, by customer, project, or date for example. Make sure every box is clearly labelled so that if you do need to access the documents again you can get to the one you need quickly, and easily. It is also worth putting the date of the documents onto the outside of each box. If you are required by law to keep documents for five years, for example, you will then be able to go to your self-storage room annually for a clear out. Clear dates on the side of each box will allow you to do this very quickly and get rid of the things that you no longer need to keep (making way for more boxes no doubt!).

If you have excess stock, marketing materials or seasonal items, then you might also want to put these into self-storage. As with folders and files, you will need to make sure that everything is packed up safely and securely so that when you come to use your items again they are in good condition.

When you are getting your excess items ready for storage, make sure that you don’t include anything that is perishable (such as plants or food), flammable or illegal. Find a Lok’nStore storage centre near you, and give them a call so that they can advise you how much space you will need. Self-storage spaces can range from 25 square feet, up to 10,000.

The right self-storage space for you will depend completely on how much you need to store, and how often you want to be able to access your items. Get in touch with your local Lok’nStore to get some help and advice – explain your needs fully; they will have the experience to advise you on what kind of space would suit your needs.

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