Never Forget The Centre Aisle


Ah, the centre aisle. Many a person has hired a storage space and not respected the centre aisle. If you’re frowning and wondering what all this is about, you either haven’t got a storage space yet or you haven’t taken into account the importance of this aisle.

It doesn’t always come into play – not with small spaces anyway – but larger storage spaces definitely require that aisle to make them easier to get into and out of.

Here’s the thing – when you have an empty storage space the temptation is to start packing things into the rear of it and working your way back. This is all fine and good but what happens when you want something that is at the very back? That’s when you end up getting annoyed because all your wonderful efforts to maximise your storage space will backfire on you. You’ll have to move everything out to get to what you need.


And this is the very moment when the wonder of the centre aisle makes itself known to you. This is the aisle that can guide you through the contents of any storage space, while still making everything known and accessible. A bit of smart thinking right at the start makes it easy to get to everything with no hassle, regardless of what you want.

Think of it as one of those sliding puzzles where one piece is missing. If that piece was present you wouldn’t be able to move any of the other pieces without breaking the puzzle apart. But with that small bit of space you can move everything else around so it all becomes movable without spreading out into any other space.

The same applies to a large storage space. So with that centre aisle in place you really can’t go wrong.

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