Lok’nStore Chichester Update: NOW OPEN

LoknStore Self Storage Chichester

Lok’nStore is pleased to announce the opening of a new self storage facility in Chichester.  The Lok’nStore building in Terminus Road, has been renovated during the Summer and Autumn as we prepared for its opening. Formally a car dealership, the tired outside cladding of the building has been stripped away to reveal the original steel [...]

How Do You Unload a Pallet?

Do you run your own business? Have you ever received stock delivered on a pallet? This won’t be a problem if you have your own business premises, but what if you run your business from home? How would you react if you suddenly realised a whole pallet of stock had been deposited in the road [...]

How Do You Sort Out an Untidy Storage Space?

Picture this. You’ve spent the last couple of years gradually putting more and more stuff into your storage space. You’ve never quite got around to putting it in there tidily or in any kind of order. Think haphazard and you’ve got the idea. When the time comes to have a proper tidy up, where on [...]

Enjoying a Hobby in a Self-Storage Space

Most of us have hobbies of one kind or another. Yet some take up more space than others. For example some people decide to collect classic toys. These have to be kept in pristine condition and ideally in their original packaging. This means if you have more than three or four of them you’ll end [...]

Relocating? Think Self-Storage

People relocate for all kinds of reasons. Maybe they have a job in another area and they need to move to be closer to it. Maybe they want to move to get closer to family members (or in some cases, further away). Perhaps they simply find an area they fall in love with and want [...]

Your Own Private Library

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to rent a storage space, as we’ve found out before. Storing old books you don’t want to part with is a big reason for some people; we bet you can find books in a large percentages of storage lockers and spaces if you had a look. [...]

Going Up or Down?

It sounds like something the guy in the lift in Are You Being Served would say, in the sitcom that was a big hit years ago. Now I’m showing my age. Hey ho. Anyway, there are other reasons why you might be asked this question. If you currently have some storage space you’ll know one [...]

The Glory of a Tape Gun

Yes we’re aware that’s rather a dramatic title for an essentially very undramatic item. Although, we reckon if you have ever used a tape gun you’ll know why we chose that title – and you probably agree with it too. You see here’s the thing. When you move into a self-storage unit you’re likely going [...]