Property rental and the storage issue

February 2, 2012

Most of us, at some stage in our lives, will have to rent a property to live in.

Whether short or long term; house or flat, most of us have had to rent a property at one time or another. For the next few years, we may even see more and more people renting as the deflated housing market, and lack of credit prevents most of us from doing what we all ultimately want to do – buy or own, our own house or flat. But until we can buy, many of us will; for the moment, have to keep renting.

One of the many issues with renting a property can be the period between rentals. What do I mean? Well say you are moving out of a flat you are renting during the first week of the month, but you can’t get into the lovely new house you are renting until the end of the month – what do you do?

Where are you going to put all your furniture and belongings over the three weeks when you temporarily have no home?

Self-storage at Lok’nStore is the solution to your problem. Rent one of our storage units for the few weeks you have no home. You can put all your furniture, personal belongings, and goods into one of our low-cost storage units until needed. Remember: at Lok’nStore you only pay for the storage space that you use – and you can rent storage from as little as one week! Unfortunately, you’ll still have to go and stay with your Uncle Jeff’s until you can get the keys to your new house, but as least you will know that your furniture is safe.

One of the other reasons you may need storage space at Lok’nStore is because the flat or house you are renting might be the tiniest property in the world! The property I’m living in at the moment has no built-in storage space at all: not a single cupboard under the stairs; loft, garden shed or broom cupboard. This is a very common problem when renting, and one that can easily be solved by using the services of Lok’nStore. A small storage unit at one of our centres would give you more space in your home, at a fraction of the cost of renting a bigger home.

Don’t forget – renting space at Lok’nStore, is cheaper than renting more space with a landlord!

Have you also noticed how rental properties never, ever seem to have enough storage space? I recently looked at a property to rent where the landlord had filled the attic with his furniture and goods – leaving a padlock on the hatch so nobody else could use it. This meant the property (I didn’t rent it for obvious reasons) had absolutely no storage space of its own. Another case I know of featured a friend of mine who rented a property where the landlord had left sealed boxes containing his own personal belongings on the tops of the wardrobes! Both of these situations could have been resolved by the landlord using a Lok’nStore self-storage facility to store away their goods and personal belongings. This would also make the property look larger and airier when looking for new tenants, but it would also guarantee that the landlord’s goods would be safely locked away from prying eyes.

So you see there are many ways that storage when renting can benefit both the tenant and the landlord. If you are a landlord or a tenant and you think that Lok’nStore can help you to create more space, give your local facility a call today for a chat, or visit our website at for more details and information on our services.

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