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May 5, 2012

Confusing Reading Homonym!

We wouldn’t normally introduce such a word as “homonym” to a self-storage blog but we have an odd situation with our Reading Self Storage centre in that the word “reading” is a town name and the word for reading – as in a book or newspaper! And the word for that type of thing is homonym which is where the same spelling for a word which looks identical but has two or more different meanings. (Like “mean” – don’t be nasty and “mean” – to intend to do something and also “mean” – as in the meaning of life!)

I expect that the town of Reading has this problem all the time especially in these days of internet searching. What would happen if you wrote a book about Reading (town)… You could be reading “Reading”. No-one would ever find it in searches because a search for a reading book would not show your book about the town, just a bunch of results about reading!

Enough said. You know what I mean.

(We must ask our guys from Lok’nstore Reading for other interesting reading confusions…)

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