Recycled chair and sofa with magazine storage

May 11, 2011

This comfy new chair and couch by German industrial designer Stephan Schulz, caught our eye when we realised that it has its very own storage system.

Have you ever lost the TV remote control down the side of your sofa? Of course, you have! We all have, but this sofa is designed to store items in-between the body and seats. Never again will you have to spend time searching for the magazine or newspaper that you started reading earlier, as it will be safely tucked into the side of the sofa seat where you left it. The ever-wandering remote control can also be put safely into storage, in the favourite seat of the man of the house, ready for when he returns. The couch and sofa are both made out of recycled foam and come in two basic elements (panels) that can be interchanged by a simple cable system to make the sofa, or chair, different size or design.

To get into the LoknBlog, any item of furniture has to have a cool, but practical ‘storage element’ to it, and this chair and sofa certainly does.

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