Rustic storage boxes

September 20, 2011

It’s amazing how many cool storage items there are out there on the internet to help you keep your house or flat tidy. We found this storage box which we love. It has a unique rustic industrial look, simple and rough, but yet sophisticated. The seat or lid, lifts, and the inside can be used to store all manner of household things including extra bedding, towels, even clothes or magazines and books, basically, it's very flexible (a bit like Lok’nStore).

Each piece is crafted out of weathered wood slats, hand-tied with wire. Every box also has a number stenciled onto the side ranging from 1 to 99, and the overall colour of each box varies. It also has cut-out handles making it very easy to move to another part of your home. The overall dimensions of this product are 20″H X 29 1/2″W X 20″D, while the inside measures 15 1/2″H and the top is 2 5/8″H.

Because of its simplistic design, and industrial look, the box can be used in the bedroom, or living room, even in the bathroom, basically anywhere you want in the house. It’s a very functional extra storage unit and it can also be used as a bench.

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