Security matters at Lok’nStore Self Storage

March 19, 2012

Lots of people in the media have been talking recently about the security measures at ‘other’ self-storage companies and facilities, in and around the UK. It seems that this would be a good time to remind everyone of the excellent security methods, procedures and features at all Lok’nStore’s 21 Self Storage centres.

All Lok’nStore Storage centres are fully staffed

Lok’nStore maintains a full staff presence at all our storage centres during opening hours. When our facilities are closed, all the centres are locked shut, with absolutely no customer access available! They are protected by motion and fire alarms (linked to the Police and security company) and 24hr CCTV: until they reopen. Your goods and belongings are safe and secure at Lok’nStore until you return to collect them.

Only ‘you’ have a key to ‘your’ storage unit

When you leave your goods with us, you padlock your private storage unit and take the key away with you. Only ‘you’ the customer has a key; meaning that only ‘you’ can get access to your precious belongings in your storage unit.

24hr CCTV in all storage facilities

All Lok’nStore centres have fully monitored 24hr CCTV for your safety and protection. Staff are present at all our storage sites during opening hours and monitor all CCTV areas for your safety and security.

Customers and visitors sign in and out at Lok’nStore

All customers visiting any Lok’nStore storage centre have to sign in and out whenever they visit us. This is for ‘your’ security and safety and lets the centre staff know when you are in the centre.

If you have any questions regarding our very successful security measures and controls; please call your nearest storage centre. All our storage locations areas are available at

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