Self storage facilities in Northampton

May 18, 2011

Do you need the use of a self-storage facility in the Northampton area? If the answer is yes: you need Lok’nStore’s help!

Lok’nStore is the favourite Northampton storage company with two centres, both in great locations. Easy access to your goods, stock, or personal belongings are available at either facility. Lok’nStore’s biggest centre in Northampton is opposite Riverside Business and Retail Park, just off the A45 (Nene Valley Way) at Lumbertubs Way Interchange. This storage centre is not only the biggest in Northampton but it's also one of Lok’nStore’s largest centres with over 700 steel rooms and units available. The unit sizes vary from a small locker (big enough for a couple of suitcases or a few archive boxes) up to a gigantic 800 sqft (your mini-warehouse) unit big enough for approximately 80 pallets! To have the option available, using this type of mini-warehousing is great for any business looking to save on storage costs. Renting a whole warehouse in the Northampton area is very expensive, and you can reduce your costs substantially by using a Lok’nStore facility.

How can Lok’nStore Northampton save you money?

Because when you use our mini-warehousing for your stock storage you won’t have to sign any long-term contracts. If you wanted you could rent our warehouse space for just one week! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use our services over a longer period. We have business customers who have been using our centres to store goods and archives for years. And don’t think you’ll be stuck with a great big warehouse once your stock levels start to reduce. At Lok’nStore you can exchange to a smaller unit (cheaper), saving you, and your business tons of money.

But it’s not only businesses using storage in Northampton that use Lok’nStore. Householders use our friendly facilities for storage, all over the South East of England. People may need personal storage while they go travelling abroad or while they are moving house. Renters and homebuyers use our storage on a daily basis, safe in the knowledge that their goods are securely locked away in steel storage units (rooms) until they return.

What if you need self-storage in central Northampton?

It's all well and good saying that we have a storage centre at Riverside Retail Park but what if you need self-storage in the centre of Northampton? Well, we have that covered as well, at our modern facility on Grafton St. Industrial Estate. The centrally located facility has been open for over two years and is managed by Ian Johnson (also the manager at Lok’nStore Riverside Retail Park) who has been with the company for six months after previously working in the banking sector for over ten years. Lok’nStore Northampton Central is slightly smaller than its bigger brother over at Riverside, but even so – it has all the space you’ll ever need to store any business or household goods. With over 500 steel units the friendly staff at Grafton St. will be able to find you just the right size of unit to suit your needs. They have the same wide range of sizes as Lok’nStore Riverside, meaning you can store anything you need to store, safely and securely for as long as you want, or need to.

Both of Lok’nStore’s storage centres are open 7 days a week (yes, even on a Sunday), and they are both always fully staffed during centre opening hours. For details on any of the services offered at these Northampton storage locations, or to book or reserve your storage unit online, 24hrs a day, visit our website or phone us today.

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