Self Storage In Southampton

Giving you friendly; free, expert advice is what we do at Lok’nStore Self Storage.  This letter was received by our storage centre in Southampton, Hampshire and sums up what we do for our customers on a daily basis.

Dear Nicola,

A few months ago I was put in a rather precarious situation, as my parents rather suddenly decided to move house. On their premises was a large Fairground Organ that I had been restoring, and I had to find new premises for it. I had 8 weeks to do this.

As a precaution, as a temporary measure, I investigated “Self Storage” companies in a 50 mile radius. In each and every case I had a problem as the door height to get this item in needed to be 7 ft 7 “. It was simply not possible, and time was running out.

When I contacted your Southampton storage centre, I was greeted with a much more “Can Do” attitude from your team. Discussions took place, and measurements were given. They went away and found me an ideal large unit, down stairs, with easy access…but more importantly, investigated the height issue, and found that they could unscrew a panel above the door giving me a 10ft height.

This all sounds simple, but, out of all of the 10’s of firms I spoke to, they were the only people who got up and made an effort for the customer. This is a rare commodity in today’s world…..staff that goes that extra mile.

Hence, I want you to know that Wendy, Kay and Brian deserve to be thanked.  At the 11th hour we found a home for the organ, a private collector, so the problem was solved……but, if I need storage, then I know exactly who I will talk to, and recommend.

Please pass this email to the appropriate management, please telephone if you wish.

Kind Regards

Mr. Noyce

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