Self storage makes for a happy town!

April 6, 2011

A recent report by Forbes Magazine has shown that towns and cities with self-storage centres in the U.S.A. are much happier places to live than those without.

‘All but one of the twenty cities – that Forbes Magazine claims are the “Most miserable in the country” – have less than the average number of self-storage spaces per person! The national American average is 7.35 square feet of self-storage space per person. Miami, this year’s second most miserable city, has just half of that with a minuscule 3.67 square feet per of space per person!’

If these claims are true, then could we expect the same results in the United Kingdom?

Northampton should be an especially happy place to live with two large facilities in town. One very busy facility is located at Riverside Retail Park, while the other is in a conveniently central Northampton location, of Grafton St. Industrial Estate.

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