Storage chair – flexibility is key

September 15, 2011

This simple storage device from Noon Studio is manufactured from wood, with a thin sheet of steel fitted around it. The added steel means that it can not only be used as a small storage solution, but it can also double up as a solid chair or even a step-up for reaching those items at the top of the wardrobe or kitchen cupboard.

It’s simple, stylish, and functional design means that it looks good in most environments including the home office, where storage space comes at a premium. Each storage chair has enough room inside to hold magazines, books, or any other number of home items. Functionality and flexibility are the keywords for this great design.

Taking several of these chairs means you can put together a whole bookcase or even a very cool minimalist storage unit. The only problem with this design is: do you use it as a chair or storage unit?

Posted in: Storage Miscellany