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Storage for one box - Saracen

Storage for one box at Saracen

Lots of people have been asking us recently about what Lok’nStore can do for them if they only have one or two boxes to put into storage.  After all, not everyone needs enough storage space for a house or flat at our facilities.  For example some customers will have important paperwork that they want to store away safely that may only fill one cardboard box.  It could be private documents, house deeds or just photographs and paperwork that that you want to keep, but out harms way.  If you run a small business from your home-office for instance, you may need to store just one or two boxes of legal paperwork that needs to be kept by law (Vat paperwork needs to be kept for seven years).  These examples might not be enough to make it worthwhile renting a small storage unit or room from us, but we still have a solution for your problem.

The “1 Box Storage Solution”

SaracenDataStore are part of the Lok’nStore Group, specialising in the storage of archives and documents for businesses and they can help you solve this storage problem.  Saracen is better known for the safe storage of business archives for customers, some of whom store thousands of archive boxes at their facilities.  Using O’Neil RSSQL Software, (as used by most of the world’s top record management companies) SaracenDataStore track the location of every single one of its customer’s boxes within its facility using barcode technology. Saracen has been offering a “one box storage” solution for many years and has successfully helped hundreds of householders to safely store a couple of cardboard boxes.

How much will it cost to store 1 box?

To store one box with Saracen will cost a customer just £1 per month!  You can store your one box for as long as you like, or just for a month – it’s up to you.  In addition to this low cost service Saracen will also supply you with the cardboard box and collect your box and contents from you nearest Lok’nStore for you: both for free!  When you require your box and its contents back Saracen will drop it back to your nearest Lok’nStore centre for your easy next day collection for just a small fee of £10.

For  more information or to book this service please call Saracen on 0808 256 4599 or email them at:


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