Storage ideas for the traditional home office

April 11, 2011

At the Lok’nBlog we are always on the lookout for storage ideas for the home and office, and especially the ‘home and office.’ Trying to run a small business from the family home can be hard work. Trying to run a small business from the family home and keeping it looking like a ‘home’ is even harder! Files, documents, records, stock, boxes, and paperwork can all overflow leaving your beautiful house looking like a messy office, and who would want that? But what are the options for keeping your home office tidy, whilst still being a practical, usable workspace? The best solution, if you do have limited space at home, is to rent a small storage unit for all your old paperwork. Any documentation that you don’t need regularly can be stored away in a low-cost unit at your local Lok’nStore. Storage units at our facilities come in various sizes so finding something that is perfect for your business needs will be easy. Stacked away in archive boxes, your messy paperwork will be safe and secure leaving your home office looking much more organised and de-cluttered. For more information on creating extra space at home give your local friendly self-storage centre a call on 0800 587 3322 or visit our website for more details and storage locations.

We’ve had a look around the web for some great looking home offices that utilise storage space to the maximum while still keeping that traditional look, and we think that these are our favourite three. Let us know if you agree or if you have any ideas yourself!

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