Storage Space and How Much Do You Need

May 30, 2011

We Have The Loveliest Storage Space Guide…

Some of us today were discussing our How Much Storage Space Do You Need pages and how best to show people and how best to help people get an idea of what space they’d need. And it’s important. When you rent a storage room at Lok’nStore, especially if it’s for the first time you don’t necessarily know how to gauge the size.

So we like to show pictures, as seen here. One shows the size as visualised by a pile of boxes – like a 3D representation. The other way is to simply photograph the room, mostly empty but with a few items to help the scale. And we also show on our storage space guide pictures of the items that you might put into storage. And we also show the sizes in terms of van sizes or numbers of van loads that you might want to store.

We also have a video which has a brief tour of a lok’nStore centre showing different size units or rooms as some call them. You can see that “How much storage space do I need” video and the others on our site.

But what about you, reader? What do you think would be the best way to show the space? Some companies use quite complicated bits of technology to try to show you but we find a lot of them are too unwieldy and tricky to use – or just take too long. What do you think? Please use the comments space below to let us know. Thank you in advance.

Finally, I should say that you can always ask the Lok’nStore team about the space. They get quite a lot of practice and should be a better judge than you or I. And if you do rent space and want to change the size of your unit, that’s not a problem. Just ask. No penalty!

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