How Do You Unload a Pallet?

Do you run your own business? Have you ever received stock delivered on a pallet? This won’t be a problem if you have your own business premises, but what if you run your business from home? How would you react if you suddenly realised a whole pallet of stock had been deposited in the road outside your house?

Firstly you’d have to unload it pretty quickly otherwise you’d be cluttering up the pavement and the road. Not a good situation to be in. Secondly, you’d have to hope you were there to see it safely delivered in the first place. And thirdly, you’d have the task of figuring out what to do with the pallet once you’d done everything else.

It’s not the best situation to be in, is it?

That’s why more and more businesses are opting for self-storage spaces. These spaces make pallet deliveries far easier to cope with. You don’t even need to be there to have them safely taken in when they arrive. You’re also safe in the knowledge your stock won’t be damaged and you won’t be in a tearing rush to take the order in off the street.

In fact, renting a storage space might actually open up new possibilities in terms of the amount of stock you can order. If you’ve been restricted to avoiding pallet deliveries because your business was run from home, this might just be a bigger leap up than you thought.

As you can see this could be the best move you’ve ever made. Not only do you have more room for stock you also have more room to take delivery of more stock, and so on it goes. When you think about it, it’s quite a smart move up the ladder to get ahead isn’t it?


How Do You Sort Out an Untidy Storage Space?

Picture this. You’ve spent the last couple of years gradually putting more and more stuff into your storage space. You’ve never quite got around to putting it in there tidily or in any kind of order. Think haphazard and you’ve got the idea.

When the time comes to have a proper tidy up, where on earth do you begin?

It’s a good question and one you’ll need to find an answer to if you want to make sure your storage space looks better than it did when you started. Firstly we’d recommend taking a whole roll (or two) of bin liners with you to get rid of anything you don’t want to keep anymore. If you know there are going to be items you can sell, take some crates or boxes and put those to one side… but only if you know you’re going to shift this stuff straightaway. If not, give it away to charity shops to get rid of it.

Now comes the time to start searching through the boxes and stuff you have. Don’t decide where to start – just pick the box or bag closest to you and go through one at a time. This is going to take longer than you thought but the best bet is to go right in there and make a start.

After a while you might feel as if you’re making headway. This isn’t the time to slack off (although we feel a cuppa would be well-deserved at this stage). Instead, keep right on going so you don’t lose the momentum. Remember too that if it has taken you some time to build all this stuff up, you’re going to end up taking quite a while to clear some of it out as well.

The key is to keep on going and to make sure you do things in an orderly fashion. It’s also good to remember Lok nStore has brand new boxes and other items that are useful for storage right here for you to buy. So get rid of all the old dented ones while you have the chance and begin as you mean to go on. With the right approach and the determination to have a proper clear-out, your storage space could soon be looking as good as new. You’ll know where everything is too, which is definitely a bonus!

Relocating? Think Self-Storage

People relocate for all kinds of reasons. Maybe they have a job in another area and they need to move to be closer to it. Maybe they want to move to get closer to family members (or in some cases, further away). Perhaps they simply find an area they fall in love with and want to move there.

In any situation there is the chance you’ll end up moving somewhere smaller than the place you’re leaving. If you have to relocate in a hurry you may not have time to organise all your stuff. The best bet in this situation is to make sure you hire some storage space close to where your new property is going to be.

You may actually want to put the majority of your possessions in storage until you know what to expect with regard to your new property. For instance you may not realise until you get there how much decoration is necessary. If you move in with the bare basics – bed, sofa, chairs, tables, etc. – you can simply get settled in first. You can then gradually move other stuff into your home as and when you need it. In fact you might find you can make the most of this process to go through everything you own and pare stuff back that you really have no use or need for anymore.

As such, self-storage can be an essential part of any relocation you ever have to make. Whatever the reason might be for moving a considerable distance, you can make sure you settle in properly by making life easier for yourself. When you have a storage locker you can use as well as the surroundings of your new home, you’ll find the whole thing is much easier than you may have thought.

Your Own Private Library

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to rent a storage space, as we’ve found out before. Storing old books you don’t want to part with is a big reason for some people; we bet you can find books in a large percentages of storage lockers and spaces if you had a look.

But how about actually creating a private library to enjoy? Have you ever thought about that before?

It isn’t actually that hard to do. You’ll need some shelving of course if you’re going to do it properly. You might also want to spend some time cataloguing or arranging your books (if you have plenty of them) into different areas and subjects. Do you have a couple of favourite authors you love to read? Put all their books together so they’re easier to access. Keep the top shelves for books you don’t read as much and all the most popular ones at eye level.

Now it sounds more like a library, but you can create your own little reading nook as well. Grab a nice armchair – maybe second-hand, or maybe one you’ve seen in a store – and position it in a nice cosy spot. Now you need a rug too – how about one of those multi-coloured ones you often see in posh stately homes? Anything you like will do, especially since it will jazz up the floor a bit. Add a reading light or two and you’ll have somewhere quiet and relaxing to escape to when you are in need of some ‘me time’.

You may never have thought of using a storage space like this. But as you might imagine, it doesn’t take too much time or space to get things looking good. And as a personal space for relaxation you really can’t beat it.


Going Up or Down?

It sounds like something the guy in the lift in Are You Being Served would say, in the sitcom that was a big hit years ago. Now I’m showing my age. Hey ho.

Anyway, there are other reasons why you might be asked this question. If you currently have some storage space you’ll know one of the perks is the size of the space in question. You can start small and scale up, or start with a huge one and then de-clutter to reduce the size of the space you have to work with. In short there are countless different ways you can use a space, and plenty of options on the size of the space too.

So what kind of space should you rent? Well it all depends on what you intend to do with it. If you only have a few odds and ends to store in there you can rent the smallest space you can find. And if you discover plenty more stuff that could really do with being stored? All you have to do is scale up and rent a larger one instead. Move everything out of the small space, add the new stuff and hey presto – everything is sorted.

Maybe the best thing to know is that even if you get the wrong space to start with, it’s pretty easy to go up or down in size without having to wait ages to get the ideal space. Providing the ideal space for you is free you can be moved in there as soon as you like.

So there you have it – you can go up or down to any extent within the options your friendly self-storage facility has available. And since there are lots of options, your stuff will always have somewhere to be.


The Glory of a Tape Gun

Yes we’re aware that’s rather a dramatic title for an essentially very undramatic item. Although, we reckon if you have ever used a tape gun you’ll know why we chose that title – and you probably agree with it too.

You see here’s the thing. When you move into a self-storage unit you’re likely going to have boxes – lots of boxes – to move. If you want to store things properly you’re going to need to get some decent boxes rather than re-using old and battered ones. That means making the boxes up, and once you’ve done one or two of them with a large roll of tape and nothing but your hands to complete the job, you’re going to wish there was an easier way to do things.

Fortunately there is, and that’s where the tape gun comes in. Seriously, once you have loaded a roll of packing tape into the gun and had a couple of goes with it, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it. You can have a whole collection of boxes made up and ready to pack in a fraction of the time it takes you to do one or two by hand. Now what could be easier than that?

Actually one thing could be easier – and that’s sealing the boxes up again if you’re not planning on opening them for a while. Grab your trusty tape gun, fold the flaps of the box inwards, whack the gun over the top of them and you’ll have them taped up in a jiffy. And thanks to the serrated edge it automatically cuts the tape off in just the right place too.

Now we’re guessing you probably want one of these guns and the tape to go with it. Not a problem – you’ll find them to buy on our website with our discounted click and collect price. That way, when you arrive at your local Lok nStore facility next time you have some boxes to store, you’ll be ready to get the entire job done more easily than ever.

And since you’ll probably want to get your storage solutions sorted out as quickly and easily as possible, you may well wonder why you never thought to get a tape gun sooner. Still, at least once you have one, getting those boxes organised will be a simple matter of forming, taping and closing. Job done.


Why Getting Prepared to Store Things Properly is a Good Move

So you’ve arranged your self-storage space and now you’re getting all the stuff ready to move into it. That’s the most important part done, right?

Actually no – the important part is just beginning. What you decide to do now will determine how easy it is to get the job done. First of all you’ll need boxes, unless you’re fortunate enough to have everything boxed up already. Now you could frequent your local supermarkets to get hold of some but this takes time and you never know what state the boxes will be in. Asking friends and family to save you any boxes they get might be another idea, but again you could end up with a wait on your hands. Suppose you need your boxes now?

Lok nStore makes life easy in this respect because we’ve got a whole range of brand new strong boxes you can buy at low prices. All you have to do is consider the sizes you want, whether or not you need specialist boxes such as archive storage boxes and wardrobe storage boxes, and order what you need.

If you have valuables and breakables, bubble wrap is a great idea. Don’t skimp on it either – a couple of layers of those tiny bubbles is better than one, especially if you’re like us and you love popping those bubbles! You might also opt for corrugated card to pack stuff with, depending on what items you have and which method will prove best.

Of course if you’re bringing larger items to your storage space, such as a mattress or even a three-piece suite, you’re not going to need bubble wrap or boxes. However you’ll still want to protect what you have. Dust covers are a good idea in this case since they are waterproof and dustproof (of course) so they’ll protect your items for the duration of the time they’re in your storage space.

As you can see it makes perfect sense to plan to protect what you have to store. Simply shoving it all into boxes without any rhyme or reason isn’t going to make for a pleasant experience when you go back in there to retrieve anything. Instead you should take the time to invest in proper storage items so you can ensure everything is properly taken care of. Now doesn’t that sound like a smart idea?


Seasonal Storage and Its Many Benefits

Do you ever feel as though self-storage is a great idea, yet you wouldn’t use it all the time?

You’re not alone. More people are discovering the advantages of opting for seasonal storage. Once you start thinking about it and discovering why you’d use this yourself, you’ll see why this is the case.

Let’s say for example you have a spare room. This spare room happens to be filled with all kinds of things – boxes, spare clothes, a fold-up bed perhaps, and much more besides. In fact it’s not really spare at all – instead it’s packed with all kinds of things you don’t have room for anywhere else.

That’s all well and good but what about the plans you have for Christmas when you’ve got relatives staying? Unless you’re happy to put them up on a sofa bed downstairs (assuming you even have one) you’ll be wondering how on earth you can turn that spare room into a superb place for them to stay.

Here’s the answer – self-storage. Instead of trying to cram all that clutter under the bed, into the wardrobes, out in the garage and even in the shed, it’s a lot easier to opt for the simple solution of self-storage instead. Since there is no limit on the amount of time you can rent some space for, you can get everything out of your spare room and into storage early in December. This still gives you plenty of time to get the room ready for your guests before they arrive for the festive season.

Even if you’re not planning on having anyone to stay, we all know how late get-togethers with friends and family can go. Would you be able to offer an impromptu bed for the night if needed – or would you be cringing at the thought of what you’re hiding in your spare room if they asked to stay at the last minute?

You can see why opting for seasonal storage makes a lot of sense at this time of the year. In fact, the more you think about it the more sense it makes. So why not get some seasonal storage today to tide you over for the festive season? If it ends up giving you a whole room back it could even turn into something you do all the time. Now that would be even better, wouldn’t it?