The Importance of Insurance


How much do you value the items you keep in your self-storage unit? As far as security is concerned they are exceptionally safe. After all you’re the only individual with a key and there is security on site as well, so your possessions are very secure. However this doesn’t get rid of the need to have insurance in place to cover whatever you have in there.

Indeed if you want to rent some space at Lok nStore you’ll need to have insurance before we can arrange your space. It could be you already have an insurance policy that provide coverage for anything you keep in storage. If this is the case you’re already sorted – you just need to show us proof of the cover.

Don’t worry if you don’t have anything sorted out yet though. You can always save shopping around for cover simply by getting your insurance through us. You can ask us for more information or look on our website at the guide to storage section for more details.


Insurance is essential because it covers all the items you are going to store just in case anything should happen to them. The chances of this are small, just as the chances of anything happening to destroy your home are small. But it doesn’t mean you don’t have insurance, does it? Think of it as peace of mind to protect whatever you have in there. Some people use their storage space to store business stock, and if this is the case for you, you’ll need to ensure your cover is suitable for business items.

Whatever you need it for it is good to know the insurance is in place in case anything did happen. It would guarantee a pay-out to cover the cost of the items lost – in the unlikely case you’d need it.