‘Handle With Care’ live theatre show in Harlow this weekend

Handle with Care live theatre
Handle with Care

Handle with Care live theatre

As part of their ‘Pay what you can season’ Harlow Playhouse with Dante or Die will be performing live theatre at a self-storage facility in Harlow this weekend. Handle with Care is a live show where the audience can get so close to the main action that they are virtually taking part as they immerse themselves into the life of the main character.

Based in a self-storage facility, the audience joins Zoe from 1998 through to the present day on her journey through life and get to witness some extraordinarily intimate moments.

Amazingly the audience are asked only to ‘pay what they can’ at the end of the show by way of a collection box!

Created by Dante or Die’s Co-Artistic Directors Daphna Attias & Terry O’Donovan with Chloë Moss is a co-commission with Harlow Playhouse and is supported through funding from Arts Council England.

Hurry because there are just a few tickets are left for the shows this coming weekend. Please visit Harlow Playhouse.

Happy 10th Birthday Lok’nStore Farnborough

Aerial photo of LoknStore Farnborough

2016 marks the 10th Anniversary of the opening of Lok’nStore’s first purpose built self storage facility on the Hawley Lane in Farnborough.

Up until 2005 Lok’nStore had usually acquired sites which already had a building that could be converted. For example an old warehouse or factory which could be stripped down, smartened up and brought back to life. Orange cladding, some new signage and the construction of a few hundred storage spaces would get a smart new storage centre up and running – obviously this is simplifying the process of converting an ugly old building into a shiny new Lok’nStore which is extremely complex and possibly involves more work than the construction a brand new building!

Aerial photo of LoknStore Farnborough

LoknStore Farnborough

Hawley Lane, Farnborough: A game changer for Lok’nStore

The existing building on the site had stood on the Hawley Lane for over 50 years. Its black, rusting corrugated cladding had seen better days and the plastic cabling business that had been trading there previously; had moved into its own new site in Aldershot. Lok’nStore made the big decision to demolish the building. The site was cleared down to ground level in 2005 and a new modern building put in its place. The footprint of the new building is bigger than the one that stood on the site previously due to some clever architecture. In early 2006 the new Hawley Lane storage centre opened as Farnborough’s first and only, purpose built self storage facility. The inside of the building was completed in 4 phases with the first 150 storage spaces available immediately. As the customer based increased the other 3 phases were gradually completed.

Facts about Lok’nStore Farnborough

  • 60,000 square foot of lettable storage space
  • 600+ private storage spaces
  • 2 lifts with the capacity for an 8 foot long sofa
  • 4 floors of various sized storage spaces
  • 20 square foot lockers
  • Huge 800 square foot storage spaces
  • 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, 120, 150, 175, 200, 250, 300 square foot lockable spaces
  • Large covered loading bays for customer use
  • Trolleys for moving goods to customer storage spaces
  • Pallet trucks for customer use
  • An onsite forklift that staff use to off load deliveries for customers
  • Kitchen facilities for free tea and coffee
  • CCTV and smoke detectors
  • Large customer car park

The successful development and opening of the Farnborough centre which is the first purpose build for Lok’nStore represents an evolution of the business model, creating value through larger new-build centres. It is the first centre where Lok’nStore has managed the entire process of buying the land, gaining planning permission, building and fitting the store. With its prominent design and position adjacent to the M3 motorway it has raised the profile of the whole Lok’nStore brand.’

Simon G Thomas – Chairman

Mayor Opens new Maidenhead Lok’nStore

Lok'nStore Maidenhead opening Jan 2014
Lok'nStore Maidenhead

Lok'nStore's brand new store in Maidenhead

The Mayor of Maidenhead and Windsor, Cllr Andrew Jenner opened Lok’nStore’s newest bright orange, self-storage centre last week in Stafferton Way, Maidenhead.  Filmed by the BBC, he cut the ribbon at 11am  on the 29th January and the store was officially open for business, serving customers – 7 days a week – for self-storage and for sales of boxes & packing materials.

Lok'nStore Maidenhead opening Jan 2014

Self-storage is a rapidly growing service in the UK. It allows householders and businesses to rent storage space by the week with unit sizes ranging from a small cupboard up to a large garage size.  This allows customers to rent exactly the size they require for exactly the length of time they need, so saving themselves money and giving them a high level of flexibility. While in storage they can freely access their goods at any time during normal business hours including weekends.

Joining the Mayor at the celebrations were Lok’nStore executives, friends & family, local representatives from the business community and Lok’nStore’s chosen local charity the Alexandra Devine Children’s Hospice Service.

Lok’nStore is the only national storage company to open a self-storage centre in Maidenhead. The company has developed the 60,000 square foot store, turning a derelict eyesore into a smart new retail facility. The prominent orange building shares the development site with the supermarket chain Lidl, who are to open their store later in the spring. Neil Newman, Sales Director for Lok’nStore said:

Lok'nStore Maidenhead Loading bay

“We are really excited to be opening our new flagship centre in Maidenhead.  We have had a fantastic response from local householders and businesses, with hundreds of enquiries about renting space. Our Maidenhead manager, and his team have done a great job to get the store ready and we are looking forward to working hard to help Maidenhead with its storage needs.”

Self-storage is a rapidly expanding business in the UK and the BBC was filming today at the opening. They are featuring Lok’nStore in an up-coming documentary about the growth of self-storage. The BBC thinks that Lok’nStore is a great example of a storage industry success story. Watch out for this programme this spring.

For more details contact the centre manager and his team on 01628 627 380 or via email on maidenhead@loknstore.co.uk or visit the Lok’nStore website www.loknstore.co.uk

19th century book found in self storage unit

Lok’nStore Business & Household Self Storage found this story about a book found in a storage facility in the states.

A decade ago, Joe Florea was cleaning out a vacant storage unit in an Oakland Park warehouse when he made an unusual find — a leather-bound tome dating back to 1870.

The book, Hitchcock’s New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible, was rich with history. Tucked inside its pages were two preserved roses, a high school graduation program from 1886 and handwritten family records of births, marriages and deaths.

Florea turned the aged book over to his wife, who stashed it in a bedroom closet and forgot about it — until a few months ago.


Jane Florea, 51, an advertising executive at The Miami Herald, rediscovered the book while cleaning and decided it was time to trace its roots.

For help, she turned to Kim Garvey, genealogy librarian at Nova Southeastern University in Davie. Within a few hours, Garvey discovered the long-lost interpretation of the Bible likely belonged to Essie Beers Osborne, a Connecticut woman born in the 1850s.

“It’s just an educated guess,” Garvey said. “It’s a matter of using deductive reasoning. I used the timeline to put people in certain places. The person who wrote in this book made it very easy.”


At the back of the 1,159-page book are three pages of carefully scribed names, written in a calligraphy-like cursive with purple ink. The records document vital events — births, marriages and deaths — between 1880 and 1915. The heads of the family noted are Erza B. Osborne, born in 1822, and Elizabeth Hitchcock, born in 1829.

Garvey believes that the book, a guide to the Bible with genealogies of biblical figures, maps and a pronunciation guide, was given to Essie Beers Osborne as a wedding gift in 1877.


Though the book is rich with history, it’s not worth much monetarily, said Nora Quinlan, director of reference at NSU’s library. Quinlan worked with Garvey to track down details about the book, which is bound in its original leather and has gilt-edged pages and illustrations.

She searched a book dealers’ website and found four copies of the book for sale, with prices ranging from $50 to $165. The dealer selling the most expensive copy emphasized that the book chronicles the history of a Topeka, Kan., family from 1838 to the 1960s.

“These books were very popular back then and are not unique,” Quinlan said. “But what makes them invaluable are the family histories inscribed in them.”

Personal mementos also add to its charm.

Tucked between the pages of the book Joe Florea discovered were several items likely intended as keepsakes and memories of life’s important events.

The record-keeping in the book stops in 1915, possibly when the owner died.


The book’s journey in the 94 years since then, and how it got from Connecticut to a cardboard box in a South Florida storage facility, remains a mystery.


Lok’nStore – The Company

Self storage is a service designed to offer secure, low cost and accessible ‘do it yourself’ storage for households and businesses usually on a flexible 4 weekly basis. Customers ‘hire’ fully enclosed, self-contained storage units for their exclusive use. Unlike traditional containerised storage facilities, that charge customers every time they want to access their possessions, self storage enables them to access their possessions free of charge whenever they choose. As the only key holder to their unit, they can come and go freely during business hours and leave their possessions safe in the knowledge that no one else can access them. The units are constructed of steel and are clean, dry and completely secure.

Self storage is a relatively new concept in the UK, although it has been well established in the US for some time. It is a rapidly growing industry – more and more people are turning to it as they find they have too many possessions and too little space in which to fit them.

Lok’nStore is one of the leading self storage companies in the UK having opened its first centre in 1995.

It has been listed on the Alternative Investment Market since June 2000.

The company has self storage centres across the south east or England, providing steel storage units, pallet or open storage, contract parking and offices to business and household customers.

Lok’nStore has 725,000 sq ft of storage space available in sizes from 12 sq ft to 10,000sq.ft. The company’s 4,500 customers range from householders to small businesses to government and charitable organisations to some of the largest national and multi-national.