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Cardboard Furniture Back in Fashion

In 1965 Riki Watanabe created the cardboard furniture series which was critically acclaimed then for its safety and elegance. Safety, because Japan falls under seismic zone and cardboard furniture pieces are always safer.


The Metropolitan gallery of Tokyo has reproduced these furniture pieces again and the Kids’ Set can hold the weight of an adult. The stools and tables are sturdy enough and even a hefty adult can sit on them without them breaking. They come in soft and pastel colours which make your interiors look great and stylish.



Jaiyant Cavale, Trends Update 

Cardboard gadgets don’t need unwrapping

At first glance it looks like these gadgets have been carefully wrapped in brown parcel paper – but on closer inspection you can see they are made entirely out of cardboard.

Artist Kyle Bean, has produced the cardboard replicas of gadgets like iPod’s, the Nintendo DS and laptop computer’s as a comment on how quickly technology becomes out of date.

The 22-year-old design graduate from Brighton bends, folds and glues recycled corrugated cardboard to recreate the intricate shapes of the gadgets before adding a small battery pack inside to make a tracing paper screen glow.

He says each item takes him two days to create and is a statement about the way many people see modern technology as disposable … not because he can’t afford and Apple iPhone 3GS.


“Although I’m generally fond of new technology, it does irritate me how new gadgets make old products obsolete so quickly in today’s society,” he said.
“Most people know the feeling when you buy a new camera or phone, only to find out that a month later, a better model has been released.
“We are so used to upgrading and throwing older items out. In short – nothing seems to last very long at all. My design is a response to just that.

“I thought that making recycled cardboard ‘disposable’ clones of these gadgets would be an appropriate and engaging way of illustrating this observation.”

The ‘Disposable Technology’ artworks have been shown at a number of exhibitions where people have enjoyed both looking at them and the message they convey.

As for real life gadget Kyle says he could not live without his laptop or DSLR camera.


Cardboard tree-house

This cool tree-house, designed in Germany, is made out of 100% cardboard and is super easy to assemble. It looks great in white, but it can also obviously be customised with paints.  Should tree-houses not be your kid’s thing, they can choose from a palace, castle or pirate fortress.