Small Business

Are the High Streets Heading to the Storage Lockers?

We’ve heard plenty about the increase in empty High Street shops in recent months. You only have to wander down your own High Street to see the reality of the situation. It does make you wonder where these businesses go however – and why no others are replacing them.

We have a thought. It’s just possible that the High Street is no longer the place of choice for those with small businesses that are starting to expand. Since some businesses can easily be run from home, there may well come a stage in many of their lives when they have to expand into bigger premises.

When this occurs you have to consider where you will go. There are lots of advantages to heading for the High Street but it’s a big step. You may well become more visible but you’ll also end up with plenty more costs including business rates and of course rental. Once you add up those costs you may find you can’t afford to make that move at all.

The next option is to consider what plenty of small businesses are looking at these days – self-storage. It’s amazing how many small businesses are run out of these places, as we’ve mentioned before. The costs here are far smaller and you get a lot more freedom too. You’re not tied into a long-term agreement for example. If things take a nosedive and you decide to close your business, there are no major problems or costs involved in doing so. Compare that to the High Street and the challenges of establishing and keeping a business going there and see how you fare.

So if the High Street continues on its downward slide could we all be shopping from storage lockers instead? Now there’s a novel idea…